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A Dual Celebration for an MRI Magnet Industry First

GE Healthcare and Morris County Hospital recently celebrated the hospital’s 60th and the installation of the hospital’s first Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) system. The system features GE Healthcare’s 10,000th magnet produced in a single magnet line – an industry first – indicating the magnet’s reliability and high quality.


GE Healthcare and Morris County Hospital representatives at a ribbon cutting ceremony in celebration of the hospital’s 60th anniversary and first MRI system, as well as GE Healthcare’s 10,000th magnet from a single magnet line.

The first magnet in this magnet line was shipped in 1998 and was originally designed to drastically cut the use of liquid helium in a diagnostic MR system. This technology is as important and relevant today as it was when originally released in 1998.

GE Healthcare’s 10,000 magnets from this magnet line are estimated to have served 175 million exams and to have produced 5 billion images, helping clinicians in the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

“The Optima 1.5T MR360 Advance, [our first MRI system], is what we really wanted and now that it is here and installed is a dream come true,” said Greg Welle, Partner at Manhattan Radiology, LLP and Staff Radiologist Morris County Hospital. “To find out that this is GE’s 10,000th magnet in this line is a nice surprise. It reaffirms that we are getting technology that has been tested and refined many times over. We certainly have lots of confidence moving forward and are proud to share this milestone with GE.”


Morris County Hospital leadership celebrates the hospital’s 60th anniversary and first MRI system.

“GE Healthcare is very pleased to join in celebrating Morris County Hospital’s 60th anniversary and its installation of a new MRI system. The system marks a milestone for GE as well, as it is our 10,000th magnet from a single magnet line to be manufactured and installed —an industry first. We are proud to share these milestones with Morris County Hospital and thrilled this is their first MRI. MRI is an amazing diagnostic tool that will benefit patients greatly in the local community.” – Eric Stahre, President & CEO, GE Healthcare MR.