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A Portable ECG Device Makes Debut At Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Winter Games


GE Healthcare sales manager Michael Wallace-Tarry trains some of the medical staff on the features and capabilities of the MAC 800.

Since 2005, GE has been sponsoring the Olympic Games, however, this year is first one where GE is also sponsoring the Paralympic  Winter Games. In line with its commitment with the Olympics, GE Healthcare announced on Friday that the Company’s portable ECG (electrocardiograph) device, the MAC 800, is being implemented in both Vancouver and Whistler to help support physician care of athletes, trainers and visitors throughout the Vancouver 2010 Paralympic  Winter Games.

MAC 800 is one of GE’s first healthymagination validated products for increasing access to basic ECG testing. It has the features of a full size, ECG device, engineered down to under seven pounds. Its innovative keypad, with SMS-style mobile phone design, and easy access to function keys help simplify and speed ECG operations, enabling medical teams to get immediate information regarding the overall health and functioning of a patient’s heart.
“GE’s MAC 800 ECG technology will play a big role in assisting medical care at the Paralympic Games and we are excited to have it on board,” said Jack Taunton, chief medical officer of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.
Connectivity within a physician’s work environment is a key to coordinated care and improved diagnoses. MAC 800 also includes LAN, modem, SD card and serial port to store and send ECG data from a wide variety of locations and it connects to a variety of vendors’ EMR solutions via Cardiosoft, GE’s cardiology information software system, creating a fully digital ECG workflow. “Its ability to store, send and analyze ECG data in a variety of ways will provide us the flexibility and connectivity needed to get information, helping to improve access to heart care,” adds Taunton.
Units will be deployed in the Vancouver and Whistler Polyclinics, the Vancouver Paralympic Center, Whistler Olympic Park and at BC Place for both the opening and closing ceremonies.