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A Year Review: Cancer Awareness in 2012


Give a Little Beat is an invitation to share inspiring, uplifting and powerful tunes in support of the fight against breast cancer. To enlarge this infographic click here.

GE Healthcare launched numerous campaigns throughout 2012 – successful initiatives that allowed people from all over the world to share and talk about their healthy habits, show their support to those whose lives are affected by the disease and spread the word on the importance of early diagnosis.

#GetFit, a Campaign to Beat Disease

The star of this year has been #GetFit, a campaign that travelled the world through social media sites. GE Healthcare launched the worldwide campaign with the help of international ambassadors and GE employees to spread an important message: eating healthy food and doing regular exercise lowers the chances of getting cancer, and for survivors, of the disease reappearing.

Extraordinary people, cancer survivors and cancer patients from all over the world shared their inspiring and humbling stories through #GetFit as the campaign travelled around the world. The campaign allowed their voices to reach thousands of people and inspire them to take on more active and healthy daily habits. 

Turning the world Pink

For breast cancer awareness month, GE employees showed their feelings in a creative and imaginative way. Throughout the world, they created human pink ribbons, a message of solidarity and support to breast cancer patients, survivors and those whose lives have been impacted by the disease. Throughout the world, breast cancer walks, runs, events, awareness projects, messages on boards, video tributes and art exhibits brought people from different backgrounds, cultures and languages together to boost awareness.


Give a Little Beat

This autumn, GE Healthcare also launched Give a Little Beat, an online music platform powered by Spotify (the leading digital music service) to share inspiring, uplifting and powerful tunes in support of the fight against breast cancer. Check the infographic on this page, highlighting the number of songs shared and which ones deserve to be the anthem of this year’s breast cancer awareness month based on the choices of all participants.