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“A mammogram saved my life”: Why one breast cancer survivor believes mammograms are critical to survival

A mammogram caught her breast cancer and her doctors were able to treat it. Every year, she goes in for a mammogram to see if it’s come back. Now, she’s alive [...]

A Prescription for Combatting Medical Errors: Effective Communication

How Nurses Play a Critical Role in Information Hand-offs Miscommunication that occurs during the exchange of information between health care providers accounts for approximately 80% of adverse events in the health [...]

This mom thought she was going to the doctor for a 45-minute appointment. It turned into a 45-day stay

Born six weeks early, these twin boys are now happy and healthy toddlers.  In 2013, Louise Muth was thrilled to be pregnant with her first children, a set of twin boys. [...]

Lessons and Love: How Parents of Preemies Learned to Trust their Journey

November is Prematurity Awareness Month – a month dedicated to raising awareness about prematurity and recognizing these tiny and resilient babies around the world. During those early days of his premature [...]

Museum Finds 15th Century Work of Art in Its Storage Room, Restores It Using CT

In Bergamo, Italy, Humanitas Gavazzeni Imaging Department helps Accademia Carrara find long sought-after answers on painting Usually fairly quiet, the hallways of the Humanitas Gavazzeni Radiology Department buzz with excitement and [...]

A 1,000-square-foot medical clinic in the Andes Mountains is transforming rural healthcare

In the mountains of Peru, a husband and wife run a Quechuan-speaking center where patients pay what they can and are never turned away due to a lack of resources High [...]

Superbugs, Sepsis and Smart Antibiotic Stewardship

How Superbugs Can Drive Up Sepsis Rates – and How to Reverse the Trend It’s a disturbing dilemma: The more antibiotics are used, the less effective they become. That’s why the [...]

Is this command center the way all hospitals will soon run?

5 questions with: Matthias Merkel, M.D., Ph.D., and James Heilman, M.D., M.B.A., of Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) By Kieran Murphy As many business leaders out there know, when an [...]

No More Sleepless Nights: How Ultrasound Gave This Breast Cancer Survivor Peace of Mind

When a mammogram missed Jacquelyn’s breast cancer due to her dense breast tissue, she learned about Automated Breast Ultrasound When Jacquelyn Gebel was 36 years old, she began experiencing a sharp [...]

Examining the Size, Shape, and Function of the Fetal Heart in Less than Three Minutes for the First Time Ever

This doctor took a program that was used by adult and pediatric cardiologists to examine the heart’s function and applied it to the fetal heart     At 18 weeks, a [...]

Mending a broken heart: How CT can help doctors treat heart disease

New study identifies non-invasive solution to help cardiologists diagnose and treat heart disease There’s a reason coronary artery disease (CAD) is the number one killer in most countries. When a key [...]

Women say this small device is changing their perception of getting a mammogram

A recent study shows that advances in breast health technology may help overcome the number one reason patients avoid a mammogram — the fear of results and anxiety from the pain [...]
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