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The Art & Science of Battling Breast Cancer

This artist uses her talents to spark dialogues among breast cancer patients and doctors with the goal of lowering the incidence of breast cancer

A New Network for Medical Scans Will Help The Largest Public Health Provider in the U.S. Save Lives

New York Health + Hospitals invests $224 million in medical imaging technology to transform clinical workflows and patient outcomes

Meet the team of women who designed a more comfortable mammogram

Using their unique insights as patients, a team of women came together to create a more comfortable mammogram When it comes to fighting breast cancer, mammograms are often considered the first [...]

Searching for the “silent killer”: How AI-based MRI software is helping Kuwaiti doctors better diagnose heart disease

Kuwait’s Images Diagnostic Center offers advanced diagnostic services with the region’s first Artificial Intelligence cloud-based MRI post-processing solution

Increasing Healthcare Access: Serving More People in More Places

With more than 70 percent of their patient population falling below the poverty line, this Mexican healthcare provider averages 800 CT scans a month

Making Mammograms More Accessible in Singapore

How Singapore’s Community Mammobus successfully doubled the number of first-time goers and increased the number of women who went for breast screening by 68%

In the Battle to Provide Equitable Health Access, This Indian State Claims Victory

In the midst of mass urbanization, the Assam state government successfully delivers the first free, statewide CT diagnostic initiative in India

Opinion: What to consider when pursuing a public-private partnership

By Farid Fezoua Emerging economies and their governments are increasingly looking at new ways to develop healthcare infrastructure and better improve the access and quality of their national healthcare systems. We’re [...]

Opinion: A multi-modality approach for early breast cancer detection

View from a chief medical officer in Europe By Mathias Goyen  The value of breast cancer screening and early cancer detection has been proven by a wide range of clinical evidence [...]

Opinion: Today’s healthcare challenges, and how to solve them

Today’s healthcare challenges are multifaceted and intensifying, but so are the solutions

Searching for the next breakthrough in breast cancer care

The organization fighting for a world without breast cancer and the patients vouching for their success

Positioning Head Over Heart: New Research Finds AI Is A Feasible Tool for Saving X-Ray Techs Time & Clicks

A recent study found that AI is a feasible tool for detecting the orientation of chest X-rays, potentially reducing the time spent rotating images from nearly 20 hours per year to [...]
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