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Shock Value: How Ultrasound Could Disrupt Treatment of a Life-Threatening Condition

In the United States, more than one million Americans develop shock, and the complication represents more than 19 percent of health care costs every year. Andy Tarnoff once counted himself among [...]

The other wonder woman: India, Indonesia and Kenya’s real-life heroines

Heroines of Health, a documentary told 1 minute a day, beginning to end, on Instagram premieres today “The society expects us to stay at home and take care of children,” says [...]

Booming Biologics Industry Calls for Additional Production Capacity

Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies responds to the increasing demand by building UK’s first fully single-use biomanufacturing facility in only 14 months Biopharmaceuticals are the world’s fastest-growing class of medicines; of the top [...]

From Call to Cath Lab in 57 Minutes, Man is Saved by the Help of Technology His Colleagues Made

He dedicated his career to making medical technology that can help save patients’ lives. He just never anticipated being one of these patients Ken Denison has dedicated his career to making [...]

Unlocking efficiency in drug discovery

Meet Sygnature Discovery, the company recruiting new scientists every week to help support ambitious client drug discovery programs Right now, scientists are working hard to find the next blockbuster drug. In [...]

Wonder-Material: Giving Radiologists SPECTacular Images

It’s called Cadmium Zinc Telluride, or CZT, and its crystals grow slowly in a furnace room over the course of about ten days When gamma camera technology was first demonstrated in [...]

Healthcare will be the Industry that Propels More Women into Leadership

Speaking at the 2017 Social Innovation Summit, Terri Bresenham explains why stories from countries in India, Southeast Asia and Africa are already showing why   This week social innovation, business and technology [...]

Biopharma is making its own luck in Ireland

A new exceptional facility will train 1,500 people per year in single-use technologies Ireland’s reputation as a quaint, quiet island of rolling green hills and friendly villagers in pubs belies a [...]

Making MRI MAGiC by Cutting Scan Time for Patients and Docs

American Journal of Neuroradiology Publishes MAGiC Results   It takes about half an hour to have your brain scanned inside a magnetic resonance machine (MRI). Many people relax and tune out [...]

How Low Can a Hospital’s Flow Go?

Hospitals harness big data to help improve outcomes in the operating room We live in a digital world, and hospitals are no exception. Take for example the machines in an operating [...]

Making Surgery the Next Frontier in Global Health

A mother who urgently needs a C-section. A child cradling a badly broken arm. A man who suddenly collapses at his office. What do they have in common? They are part [...]

What it Takes to Be a Heroine of Health

Today, women make up 75 percent of the global healthcare workforce in many regions1 and contribute nearly $3 trillion to the industry. But too often their contributions go unpaid and unrecognized – [...]
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