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When it comes to Alzheimer’s disease, early detection is not the end but the beginning

Through medical advancements in molecular imaging, this Singapore patient and doctor duo are working together to understand Alzheimer’s better When a retired clerical worker in her 70s started experiencing periods of [...]

This hospital in Indonesia is proof that going digital is a worthy investment

Digital radiology solutions have helped Premier Bintaro Hospital reduce costs by 31% and reduce patient turnaround time by 38% It is no doubt that advancements in technology have transformed lives and businesses in recent years. [...]

Safe Sleep from Day One: Teaching New Moms How to Keep Their Babies Safe in Their Own Beds

This bassinet keeps newborns close to their mom, facilitating family-centered care and safe sleep practices in hospital maternity wards Sleep – it might be the most talked-about topic after a baby [...]

What’s 140,000 times stronger than earth’s magnetic field and can see inside your head? This elephant-sized magnet

The University of Iowa was one of the first facilities to install an actively shielded 7T MR system*, one of the most powerful MR platforms available for research purposes June 2014 [...]

Mission Not Impossible: A New App Will See the Signs of Sepsis Risk and Signal Staff to Take Action

How one hospital is increasing its command center capabilities to improve sepsis management in patients When a specialized medical team at OHSU in Portland, Oregon, considered GE Healthcare’s NASA-style mission control [...]

Searching for Sepsis—Fast and Slow

Unlocking Insights to Empower Clinicians Doctors are human beings, and some patients leave an impression that lasts a lifetime.   Early in his career, Jeff Hersh, Ph.D., M.D., Chief Medical Officer of [...]

Slam Dunk: A New MRI Scanner Helps Offer Hope For Injured Basketball Players, Cancer Patients

  Edwin Oei has seen a lot of knees. The musculoskeletal radiologist at Erasmus MC medical center in the Netherlands says around half of all scans at Dutch community hospitals focus [...]

This small Austrian village is alive with the sound of… ultrasound

Beyond bucolic trees and a valley, lies some of the most advanced obstetric and gynecological technology By Amy Kover Nestled in an emerald valley surrounded by snowcapped Alpine peaks, the village [...]

Chill out: Harnessing new freezing technology to help deliver the future of medicine

Digitally enabled cryogenic cold chain technology can now deliver the raw materials needed to manufacture cellular therapies When Dr. Edward Scott started his career as a hematologist in the 1970s, he [...]

Private healthcare players in Indonesia are stepping up to support the national healthcare agenda

Mayapada Healthcare’s latest partnership will focus on improving healthcare access across its six new hospitals by 2020 Indonesia is the world’s largest island country, with over 13,000 islands and more than [...]

This partnership has produced some of the most important imaging tech of the last three decades

From a technique that tracks blood flow in the body during an MR scan to the imaging tech that sees the brain like never before, the  University of Wisconsin-Madison’s work with medical tech continues [...]

Turning a stem cell into a brain cell isn’t easy – this company does it every day and finally received the resources to scale

New Swedish Biotech Center will help companies like BioLamina develop and fine-tune their manufacturing processes so they can jump to large-volume production By Tomas Kellner Since she was a child, Therése Kallur [...]
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