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Intelligent Machines Are Changing Point of Care

How Artificial Intelligence can help clinicians focus Literature abounds on the use of ultrasound. The technology is applied to everything from peering at a fetus inside a body to helping to [...]

My ride to the cloud: How one doctor’s invention helped his own heart defect

GE Healthcare Life Sciences is launching the Emory Cardiac toolbox with Syntermed Live, which helped its developer’s heart perfusion. In 2008, Dr. Ernie Garcia was a healthy 60-year-old who knew the [...]

Doctors + Data: A new way to make critical medical decisions

Clinicians and data scientists join forces to create a new vision of healthcare in the ICU In the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), every second holds the promise of saving a life. [...]

Why more women than men are at the helm inside hospital command centers

76% of the mission control staff who work inside GE Healthcare’s first command center that coordinates care across a multi-hospital system are women Elon Musk recently announced plans to create high-speed [...]

6 Ways Technology Empowers Human Connections

From cloud-connected ultrasound systems to wireless maternal fetal monitors, digital tools are bringing clinicians closer to their patients and colleagues.   “Digital tools have the power to improve how clinicians practice [...]

Unlocking efficiency in drug discovery

Meet Sygnature Discovery, the company recruiting new scientists every week to help support ambitious client drug discovery programs Right now, scientists are working hard to find the next blockbuster drug. In [...]

Malnutrition: A Silent Threat in the ICU

A new tool puts nutrition data front and center He should never have survived. Even though he was in terrific physical shape for a man in his mid-40s, his body was [...]

Honey, I shrunk the monitor – and made it wireless

This wireless monitor enables moms-to-be to move more freely in the hospital, while accurately monitoring vitals In January 2018, Brigitta Fifield found out that she and her husband were expecting a [...]

5,500 miles. 6 months. 2 continents. 1 driving force.

Swimming across the Pacific Ocean to combat pollution – with the help of freeze dried foods, a wet suit and an ultrasound In the Pacific Ocean halfway between California and Hawaii, [...]

Manufacturing medical marvels: How a new cell therapy platform helps scale up manufacturing to reach more patients

Cell therapy manufacturing has been a complex, challenging and costly process, but a new manufacturing solution seeks to change that In August 2016, doctors gave 33-year-old Nicole Gularte three to four [...]

Cardiologists Will Soon Be Data Scientists, Too

How software is making cardiology structured reporting a source of empowerment and collaboration for providers When Dr. James Tcheng isn’t operating on patients at Duke Health, he can be found in [...]

Navigating an Unknown World: Born 11 Weeks Early, This Kid is Now on His Way to First Grade

This mom was so inspired by the NICU nurses who cared for her son, that she spent eleven months as a nurse in the pediatric intensive care unitIn June 2012, Liz [...]
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