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How one parent’s heartbreak turned into cancer care for 7,000 people

Inspired by a member of the Johor Royal Family, the state’s first integrative cancer center is expected to touch thousands of patients’ lives In Malaysia, it’s estimated that almost 40,000 people [...]

Why AI in healthcare isn’t about disruption

A 10-year collaboration aims to create and deploy AI the “right” way – practically, methodically, and embedded into devices, workflows and applications used today Technology is all about disruption, but a [...]

From the Andes to the Amazon: diagnosing breast cancer in Latin America just got easier

New technology “by women, for women” is making mammography more comfortable for patients in Colombia and Brazil When you see Medellin, Colombia and Manaus, Brazil on a map, they stand alone [...]

Roleplaying for Healthcare Training: Game On, And Let The Learning Begin!

How a learning and research center uses simulation games to help caregivers work better together  “The tension in the army tent is palpable. The medical officer assesses victims swiftly while the [...]

This Doctor is Never in, and That’s a Good Thing

Meet the doctor who is reviving a disappearing practice: making house calls Fifteen weeks pregnant, Sarah woke up in the middle of the night to discover she was bleeding. Her husband [...]

Going viral: How a new factory-in-a-box is helping scale up manufacturing of viral vector-based therapies to reach more patients

Manufacturing viral vector-based therapies such as vaccines and gene and cell therapies is complex, but a new manufacturing solution helps solve those challenges Between 2014 and 2016 West Africa – starting [...]

It takes a lot of medical devices to care for 1.4 billion people. Here’s how one hospital is making it work

How one hospital increased its device operation and maintenance efficiency by nearly 10% and device operating rate by 17% Advanced medical devices are closely related to the health and safety of [...]

When you wish upon an… ultrasound

This clinic is helping expectant moms affected by the opioid epidemic get the help they need The startling and increasingly public epidemic of opioid abuse is ravaging parts of the United [...]

Breathing New Life into Lifesaving Machines

What happens to old imaging equipment when a hospital wants a newer model? Here’s how engineers can keep it out of landfills and put it back in use “Reduce, reuse, recycle”. [...]

Helping the Tiniest Patients Through the Golden Hour

This technology helps minimize touch and movement for premature infants, which can be can be harmful to their development Every year 15 million babies around the world are born preterm, before [...]

Apps, Algorithms and Automation: The latest stories from the World of Life Sciences

From an app that could help improve clinical trials to a manufacturing solution for scaling up cell therapy, remind yourself of the most interesting tales from Life Sciences     1. [...]

Intelligent Machines Are Changing Healthcare: Why Man and Machine Should Be Friends

How intelligent machines are empowering clinicians to deliver faster, higher quality care Intelligent machines are all around us – they answer our questions, turn on our lights, and help us navigate [...]
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