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Paris Unveils the World’s First “Haute Comfort” Mammogram

A team of women just created the world’s first comfortable mammogram in a city known for forgoing comfort for fashion with 71 percent of patients rating notably better comfort during their [...]

A New Zealand Company Provides The Truth For Serum Used In Biopharmaceuticals

When most people think about vaccines, they don’t think about cows. But fetal bovine serum (FBS), a blood byproduct of the meat industry, is a crucial building block for vaccines. So [...]

Could risk sharing mean better caring? This health system thinks it can find $1B in efficiencies in a new collaboration

Jefferson Health and GE Healthcare test out a new risk-sharing relationship, aimed at transforming the patient experience With unprecedented levels of patient demand and increasing cost pressures, many academic health systems [...]

Heroines of Health: The Documentary

3 women. 3 countries. 3 stories untold. Until now.   Mercy, Dr. Sharmila and Mrs. Rohani come from different backgrounds. They speak different languages. Yet they share a common journey, overcoming [...]

Her Personal Mission is for Every Child to See his or her Fifth Birthday

How Mercy Owuor, one of three women featured in new documentary Heroines of Health, is helping to make this dream a reality It’s morning in Lwala, Kenya, and the day promises to [...]

Exploring the Depths of the Heart

“This is the next true breakthrough, improving efficiency and, ultimately, patient care.” – Dr. Khandheria of Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center Every minute, the heart pumps about five quarts of blood [...]

What to Expect When You’re Expecting Twins

For the first time, St George’s Hospital, London uses new twin growth charts during pregnancy scan They say twins are double the trouble but with more than 11,000 multiple births every [...]

43,000 mammography exams in the U.S. just got more comfortable

Boca Raton Regional Hospital patients have reported a noticeable difference in comfort during the exam, as well as faster exams, with new imaging technology Here are a few words that rarely [...]

A Night Out of the Museum: Mummies In The CT Scanner

A radiologist examines these less-than-living patients for the Spanish National Museum of Archaeology. One dark night in Madrid, four mummies creeped through the doors of Quirónsalud University Hospital. They didn’t come [...]

Shock Value: How Ultrasound Could Disrupt Treatment of a Life-Threatening Condition

In the United States, more than one million Americans develop shock, and the complication represents more than 19 percent of health care costs every year. Andy Tarnoff once counted himself among [...]

The other wonder woman: India, Indonesia and Kenya’s real-life heroines

Heroines of Health, a documentary told 1 minute a day, beginning to end, on Instagram premieres today “The society expects us to stay at home and take care of children,” says [...]

Booming Biologics Industry Calls for Additional Production Capacity

Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies responds to the increasing demand by building UK’s first fully single-use biomanufacturing facility in only 14 months Biopharmaceuticals are the world’s fastest-growing class of medicines; of the top [...]
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