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Faster match, shorter wait: A new digital solution is improving the experience for kidney transplant recipients and donors

Image archiving and cloud visualization tool helps speed part of the process of determining the compatibility of kidney donors and recipients…. from 10 days to just minutes   When Jan and [...]

Small vials, big challenges: why every minute counts in the little-known world of radiopharmaceuticals

The behind the scenes of the manufacturing of radiopharmaceuticals, a door-to-door delivery that helps to tackle big diseases In some parts of the world, we have grown accustomed to ordering items [...]

6 Stories of Women who are Changing the Face of Healthcare

In honor of International Women’s Day, we are sharing stories of women who are driving continued technology leadership and innovation in healthcare – and patients whose lives are positively impacted by [...]

Daria Donati: A Woman Who Wants to Fight some of the Toughest Diseases in the World

As Director for Business Development and Innovation, Daria Donati supports the development of GE Healthcare Life Sciences’ BioProcess business strategy, looking for future development opportunities such as new technologies and partners [...]

A little ditty’ bout Deb and Ann, two American Women, Doing the Best They Can to Save Lives

How Two Women Turned Data into Actions, Helping Doctors to Save a Patient’s Kidney Inside a busy acute care hospital, it’s not uncommon for several hours to pass between the moment [...]

X-Ray marks the spot: Reinventing the world’s oldest imaging scanner

A new digital analytics tool is helping hospitals of all sizes go digital Back in 1895, Wilhelm Roentgen accidentally changed the course of medicine. While observing the effects of electricity on [...]

Moving Towards Value, While Moving to the Cloud

Expanding on over 10 years of collaboration, GE Healthcare is building and deploying new analytics solutions on the Microsoft Cloud There are a lot of uncertainties in healthcare. But value, and [...]

How to bring the right image to the right clinician at the right time

A first of its kind digital development lab will help drive the future of enterprise imaging According to the American Society of Radiologic Technologists, healthcare organizations generate close to 600 million [...]

How Low Can a Hospital’s Flow Go?

Hospitals harness big data to help improve outcomes in the operating room We live in a digital world, and hospitals are no exception. Take for example the machines in an operating [...]

Analytics in the real world: How one radiology practice is helping patients get an MR exam, faster

Combining applied intelligence, analytics and technologies enabled a radiology center in Germany to reduce patient wait times for an MR exam from 6-8 weeks to just 1-2 weeks Radiomed, a private [...]

Untangling the wires: Using MRI research to help understand the brain

Researchers and clinicians now have a new tool to help them further their understanding of disease and the complexities of the human body. Scientists have made incredible strides in understanding the world around us. They’ve [...]

Overcoming one of the biggest MR imaging challenges … scan time

HyperSense, an industry-first new high-speed MRI scanning technique, is making it possible to reduce scan time by 30-50%. It takes about half an hour to scan a patient’s brain, shoulder, spine [...]
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