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Houston, we have a problem in hospitals: And NASA-trained Engineers are coming to Chicago to Fix it

This isn’t rocket science.  Or is it? Etosha Ottey began her career at NASA. As a systems engineer focused on discrete event simulation, she worked in a program helping to design [...]

Prematurity Awareness Month: Notes from the NICU

This Prematurity Awareness Month and in advance of World Prematurity Day, families, parents, nurses and the many people who have experienced prematurity are sharing their words of wisdom and inspiration for others [...]

Twins born 15 weeks early, healthy and happy seven years later

A series that asks those who have experienced prematurity to share their words of wisdom and inspiration with others currently going through it. At twenty-five weeks of pregnancy, babies in the [...]

#CancerCantHide: Recognizing the Impact of Radiology on Breast Cancer

Each year, the International Day of Radiology recognizes the contributions radiology has made to patients and healthcare. This year the fifth annual International Day of Radiology (IDoR) will focus on breast [...]

The Building Blocks of a Better World: Cell Therapy and The Changing Landscape of Regenerative Medicine

A conversation with Alain Vertès, Director of the EU Section of the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine and Managing Director of NxR Biotechnologies.

Healthcare will be the industry to propel more women into leadership

The Top 10 Reasons Transformation is the New Normal for Healthcare – Reason 5. As the healthcare segment of a digital industrial company, GE Healthcare is expected to do what any [...]

Why You Need to Know: Are You Dense?

Tabitha Watkins has been doing breast self-exams for many years. They’ve become part of her monthly routine like paying a credit card bill or washing the car. However, she never thought [...]

Why is it important to get a mammogram?

“I strongly believe in the importance of early detection,” said Amy. “This is my best defense against cancer… cancer that I have seen claim too many lives. For me, this is [...]

This Teenager Understands the Importance of Early Detection

For most teenage girls, breast cancer isn’t a typical topic of conversation or something on their mind. This isn’t the case for AnnaMela.

From Greece to Japan: Diagnosing and Treating Breast Cancer Around the World

Breast Cancer is the most common cancer among women worldwide. But thanks to the efforts of scientists and product designers, this rate is falling. We now know more about breast cancer, [...]

Swapping marriage for medicine, young girl leaves village in India to become x-ray expert

One year ago, Nisha had never used a computer before. Today, she works full-time as a radiology technician in a major hospital in Mumbai.

Men Get Breast Cancer Too

Breast cancer doesn’t just affect women—men can get it too, and many men don’t know that. There is a lack of professional awareness and support due to uninformed care providers. Many [...]
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