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The mammography system that mammo techs want to use – for patients and themselves

An inside look at a team of mammo techs that performs 50-60 mammograms a day For many women, an annual mammogram can trigger anxiety or fear. Even if this isn’t their [...]

Canine vs. Cancer: Seeing the Unseen with Ultrasound, and Man’s Best Friend

When Karen’s 110-pound Doberman kept nudging her in the same spot, she decided to see a doctor Pets provide great companionship, and many are even considered part of the family. In [...]

3D Printing Meets Biopharma: How Two Engineers Turned a Vision and One Printer into a Center that May Improve Healthcare

A new additive manufacturing center is already showing progress in bringing technology to more parts of healthcare, faster It all started when two engineers had an idea. In June 2016, Andreas [...]

“Like turbocharging your car”: The future of personalized medicine could hinge on a microscopic process from Sweden

Making the biopharmaceuticals that treat the most devastating illnesses just got faster and easier Every day, patients around the world rely on monoclonal antibody therapies to treat the most devastating illnesses, [...]

Massive Storm, Small Technology

Taking ultrasound where speed and portability matter On September 9, Jeff Hersh, a doctor, watched the northbound lanes of Interstate 75 in Florida fill with carloads of people fleeing the path [...]

Beyond treatment: Research could unlock the way to prevent breast cancer

The role of life sciences in breast cancer research and how it could make a difference Decades ago, understanding of breast cancer was promising, but inadequate. “Think pink” was a new [...]

The Law of Thaw: How a New Technology Improves the Delivery of Cell Therapies

Getting “living medicines” to patients around the world and providing physicians with reliable data The treatment arrives at the hospital frozen solid and sealed in a cryo-bag. It’s come halfway around [...]

What The Beep?! Tackling Alarm Fatigue in Intensive Care Units

How new digital technologies can make intensive care units a more peaceful environment, improving patient care and clinical staff efficiency In traditional intensive care units, each patient is wired to up [...]

Clinicians and Coders Hack for Better Patient Data

How a hackathon led by community health doctors and coders transformed a center’s patient data technology in just one week At AllianceChicago, Dr. Nivedita Mohanty serves dual roles. In addition to [...]

Why Chicago May Be the Next Hub for Women in Tech

More investment may cement this city’s status as the Silicon Valley of the Midwest “I remember the first time I wrote a simulation program in c++ in college… I was hooked,” [...]

Time is Brain: How One Doctor Saved a Firefighter from Stroke in 8 Minutes

When every second counts, hospitals must make heroic efforts to turn back the clock on the world’s leading cause of long-term disability.   In the neurology community, there’s a saying about stroke: [...]

Ultrasound in Six Decades: From Bats and Submarines to the Technology That Can See With Sound

 How bats led to the invention of ultrasound and more from six decades of the tech that can see with sound In the late 1700s, Italian priest and scientist Lazaaro Spallanzani discovered that blindfolded [...]
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