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Three survivors’ stories and the technology that helped them along the way

Every day we are learning more and more about breast cancer and how to fight it thanks to the efforts of clinicians, scientists, researchers, and many others around the world.

This health tech expert accidentally found cancer in her son

A mom who develops general imaging ultrasound systems every day never thought it would one day detect cancer in her own son. Colleen Timpanaro spends her workday developing ultrasound systems that [...]

The city where Celsius created a thermometer superior in its precision adds another degree to its science capabilities

Hospital in Sweden first in Europe to receive new technology with the aim to improve cancer care Uppsala, Sweden – Tucked away in the northern part of Europe, one might not [...]

10,000 boomers turn 65 every day. Can digital health technology keep them STEADI?

By 2050 the U.S. older adult population is projected to almost double, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Every day, 10,000 baby boomers turn age 65.

When ‘Burning Calories’ Takes on a New Meaning

Nutrition is a complicated concept with many factors: a healthy diet or lack thereof, and total caloric intake to name a few. When patients first enter an Intensive Care Unit (ICU), [...]

The startup connecting heart exams to the cloud in India

A few years ago in India, a 40-year-old man awoke with pains in his chest. It didn’t just hurt – there was pressure, a feeling of tightness. His whole upper body [...]

With the Click of a Button: Bringing Clinicians Closer to their Colleagues and Expectant Parents that Much Closer to their Babies

Anyone who has a child will remember both the immense joy and nervous anticipation of

A woman on a mission for 5.8 billion people… and on Instagram

Travelers and health enthusiasts have long found a welcome home on Instagram, where their photos help to inspire and captivate the platform’s scrolling and hashtag-happy followers. But what happens when that [...]

KUBio Kingdom: This (bio) park isn’t for amusement. It’ll help in the fight against deadly diseases

GE Healthcare to invest in biopharmaceutical manufacturing campus in Ireland.   Biological medicines are a staple in healthcare today, and new drugs and treatments are becoming more targeted and more effective [...]

Weekend Pulse: 7.4 billion cures for cancer, Africa’s floating hospital, and Aces for Adam

This week in health, science and tech: 7.4 billion cures for cancer, Africa’s floating hospital, and the inspiring story of Adam Frontera. This weekend, catch up on what you might have [...]

Aces for Adam

Eight-year-old Adam Frontera is full of energy and an irrepressible passion for life. Today he’s into the musical Hamilton, tomorrow it will be something else. He is always looking to try [...]

Inside Africa’s Floating Hospital

and the operating rooms where this surgeon is helping patients in need Dr. Leo Cheng, a maxillofacial reconstructive surgeon with the UK National Health Service, spends two to three weeks of [...]
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