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Code City: Chicago Is Becoming a City of Coders

More investment may cement this city’s status as the Silicon Valley of the Midwest “I remember the first time I wrote a simulation program in c++ in college… I was hooked,” [...]

Little Meals, Huge Impact: Preemie Nutrition Is More Advanced Than Ever

This device promotes early development of eating skills in newborns and infants born prematurelyIn December 2016, Kasa and David Schroer were expecting their first child. Kasa was 28 weeks pregnant at [...]

The Startup That Fast-Tracked Treatment For Heart Attacks – And Their Own Path To Success

Helping doctors in India detect heart complications within minutes of a patient’s arrival In 2014, 5 million people in India suffered heart attacks, and 3 million of those people didn’t live. [...]

What it Takes to Work In a Magnet Factory

Meet two employees who help to make superconducting magnets for MRI machines at the growing Florence, SC plant. Florence, S.C., situated about 100 miles from the Atlantic Ocean, is home to [...]

Heads up: The NFL and GE partner to advance understanding and treatment of concussions

A collaborative project to make concussion diagnosis faster and more reliable, improving treatment for TBI. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported that 2.5 million traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) occurred [...]

Taking Concussion Education and Treatment on the Road in Texas

GE and Houston Methodist Team Up to Help Youth Athletes Play Safer. Football is a high-impact game known for lots of action on the field and big hits. Concussion is football [...]

Player Safety On The Football Field And Inside The MR Field Of View

21-year GE veteran committed to using MR to better understand traumatic brain injury. Jason Polzin, a 21-year GE vet and longtime football fan, was thrilled when he heard that GE was [...]

Giving Expectant Moms the Ability to Move… and Just Dance, Dance, Dance

The tech that enables moms-to-be to move more freely in the hospital, while accurately monitoring their vitals. In January 2017, Seema Patel was pregnant with her second child and was admitted [...]

Lab Invaders LIVE: Inside the Cell Therapy Lab

In episode two of the new series, Dr. Dolores, cell-ebrity scientist, is said to sneak inside the lab where cell therapy happens.  LIVE on Facebook.  Personalized medicine. CRISPR. Cell therapy. These topics [...]

T-CELL: The Universe’s Tiniest Superhero May Be Most Powerful Of All

Episode 2 of Lab Invaders LIVE went inside the cell therapy lab to show why The Xuri (TM) Cell Expansion System gently rocks cells to distribute nutrients and air to help [...]

Why There May Be 7.4 Billion Cures For Cancer

The science behind cell therapy. Watch. Ask Questions. – Lab Invaders LIVE. Episode 2: Inside a Cell Therapy lab. DIY is all the rage for Pinterest users and crafty hipsters, among [...]

Running Out Of Time: Resetting The Clock On Europe’s Aging Imaging Technology

This week, the world’s leading minds in radiology are meeting in Vienna for the European Congress of Radiology (ECR), which highlights the trends, challenges and opportunities shaping the future of European [...]
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