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Breakthroughs in two of the most common medical scans make patients more comfortable

MRI and mammography exams can help save lives, but patients often avoid them due to anxiety and pain Lying completely still in a small space for an hour underneath a heavy [...]

From Video Games To 3D Printing: 5 advancements that are already changing healthcare today for radiologists and clinicians

These game-changers may improve healthcare… and in some cases already are The radiologist holds a plastic model of her patient’s heart in the palm of her hand, complete with its unique [...]

AI tech from self-driving cars is now coming to healthcare

The company that made its name in gaming and driverless cars is expanding its footprint in healthcare, with a partnership announced today The average hospital creates 50 petabytes of data per [...]

This tech company just selected Chicago for its next digital workplace

A first of its kind digital development lab for healthcare imaging technology aims to enhance patient care and reduce costs for hospitals by developing and testing solutions in real-time Chicago – [...]

We asked top clinicians what they really think about the future of AI in healthcare. Here’s what they said

 Despite the debate, most say AI’s potential to transform healthcare is great…and it’s closer to reality than we expected   Artificial Intelligence is among healthcare’s most widely discussed and hotly contested [...]

By women, for women: new mammography system designed to make mammograms less painful

Industry-first patient-assisted compression device can help improve patient comfort and image quality Breast cancer is the most common and the second deadliest type of cancer among women causing 40,000 deaths every [...]

Treating A Silent Epidemic With A Double Dose Of Technology

Chronic liver disease affects more than one billion people worldwide, but clinicians are now equipped with a new tool in the fight against the disease Chronic liver disease affects more than [...]

What it’s like to be a mammography technologist

An inside look at a team that performs 50-60 mammograms a day For many women, an annual mammogram can trigger anxiety or fear. Even if this isn’t their first exam, they’re [...]

Why Doctors Of the Future May Know Code

Or at least the basics, as data and algorithms are unleashed in their service On any given day, radiologists at UC San Francisco (UCSF) and across the country view thousands of [...]

How One Doctor Saved his Father from a Problematic Prostate

After nearly two decades of discomfort, Jose turned to his son – the doctor – for minimally invasive treatment For nearly 20 years, Jose Angelo Carnevale tried his best to ignore his [...]

He’s been fighting his entire life, and he’s only five-years-old

Born four months early, this toddler is on-track to start Kindergarten next fall Every minute, approximately 255 babies are born around the world. Most of them arrive full-term at 37 to [...]

Overcoming one of the biggest MR imaging challenges … scan time

HyperSense, an industry-first new high-speed MRI scanning technique, is making it possible to reduce scan time by 30-50% It takes about half an hour to scan a patient’s brain, shoulder, spine [...]
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