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10 Notes from NICU Nurses to Parents of Premature Babies

“Never underestimate the strength and resiliency of babies.” Every year 15 million babies around the world are born preterm, before 37 weeks of gestation. Premature birth is the leading cause of [...]

This Doctor Explains His “Labor of Love”

After years of drawing pictures to explain ultrasound, this doctor is now using ultrasound to explain his pictures When Dr. Lawrence Platt started his career in OB/GYN and maternal-fetal medicine 40 [...]

The next frontier: Powerful MR technology in Poland is helping researchers understand the brain

If understanding the human brain is the next frontier, then the high-field MR technology that explores this inner space is the rocket ship that will take us there With this powerful [...]

High Risk, High Reward: How These Twins Beat the Odds

A routine pregnancy, until the doctor discovered that one twin had close to no fluid in the amniotic sack   In 1980, one in every 53 babies born in the United [...]

Things You Might Not Know About Radiant Queen Marie Curie

Little-known facts about famous scientist Marie Curie, on the 150th anniversary of her birth A Polish native, Marie Curie moved to Paris in 1891 to study physics at the prestigious La [...]

From Breath to Avoiding Death

Searching for better outcomes for ventilation and shock patients Rebecca had a textbook pregnancy. Until week 24. That’s when she began to experience the contractions of pre-term labor. Pregnant with her [...]

Secrets of the MRI that images the human brain like never before

A new tool helping clinicians and researchers defeat disease and understand Traumatic Brain Injury seen for the first time live It’s not just an image of the brain. It’s the image [...]

This Ethiopian woman’s second premature baby conquers all odds

At just 28 weeks gestation, Workie gave birth to her son at the same hospital where she had her first premature babyApproximately 115 kilometers outside Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital, Workie Abegaz [...]

Overcoming one of the biggest MR imaging challenges … scan time

HyperSense, an industry-first new high-speed MRI scanning technique, is making it possible to reduce scan time by 30-50%. It takes about half an hour to scan a patient’s brain, shoulder, spine [...]

Engineers just invented an MRI that images the brain like never before, tiny crossing fibers and all

Now they’re going live from their lab to show how they did it and why researchers and clinicians now have a new tool to help them defeat disease Engineers created an [...]

Real Thoughts Real Women Had About Their Mammograms

“Is this fun? NOPE. Is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY.”   Starting from age 40, guidelines indicate women undergo mammography exams annually – and sometimes starting even earlier for patients at risk. [...]

The Skeleton in Your Closet – Osteoporosis

Evidence indicates that better understanding bone health can predict risk of the disease that causes a fracture every three seconds Adriana* recognized the warning signs. Her mother, an active woman in good [...]
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