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This Lawyer Worked to Protect Medical Technology – then Doctors Used it to Help Save his Life

Today, clinicians look to stop a condition that affects more than 30 million people worldwide; new solutions are trying to help solve sepsis

Solving one of the biggest challenges in medical practice: the waiting room

Young professionals, start-ups and students work with GE Healthcare on solving one of the biggest challenges in medical practice: the waiting room

Opinion: New FDA-cleared X-ray AI delivers when timing is critical

Minutes matter when dealing with a collapsed lung. Tom McGuinness discusses how AI can help

Ground Control to Major Growth in Hospital Command Centers

The number of hospitals running NASA-style Command Centers has increased from three to nine in one year -- hospital executives say this is just the beginning

Opinion: On the Cusp of Cardiology Revolution

Why I believe the next few years will change the game

Sleep, Baby, Sleep: Newborns and Parents Benefit from Safe Sleep Practices

Hospital maternity ward integrates education and this bassinet to help new parents learn about safe sleep right after birth

Can building partnerships break boundaries in healthcare?

5 questions with: Experts from Roche, UCSF, European Society of Radiology (ESR), and Intel

Medical professionals don’t have to fear digitalization

AI in the healthcare sector: A Leap Towards Personalized Medicine and Significant Relief for Doctors

Every breath you take: Managing ventilation in the ICU with data

This ICU clinician is discovering how analytics can improve protocols and patient care in critical care settings.

Bringing MRI to Siberia’s neighbor: The latest technology for the most remote region

Its first-ever MRI technology is helping the Norton Sound Health Corporation (NSHC) care for patients in Nome, Alaska

How These Fathers Inspired Their Daughters to Become Radiologists

Encouraged by their dads’ passion for radiology and breast imaging, these two women decided to follow in their footsteps

Why Age as a Risk Factor Can Be an Advantage for These Patients

When it comes to early detection, this breast cancer risk factor offers an advantage for these patients
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