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Cardiologists in China Relocate… to The Cloud

Central Hospital of Zhuanghe City is using cloud-based technology to help its 900,000 residents get faster access to cardiovascular care

How new MRI technology is transforming the patient experience

MRI coils in use at places like Fairfax Radiology Consultants are designed to conform to the human body, just like a comfortable blanket For many patients, a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan [...]

Expanding Access to Health Care in Papua New Guinea with Handheld Ultrasound

A portable ultrasound device brings advanced medical technology to a town with limited infrastructure

Breast Cancer Survivors’ Daughters Share Impact of Their Mothers’ Advocacy

This Mother’s Day, breast health advocates’ daughters share how their moms have inspired them

Flight Paramedics Treat Patients Up in the Air with Handheld Ultrasound

Responding to emergency calls and assessing critically-ill patients… in a helicopter 2,500 feet above the ground Jeff Brytczuk spends his days responding to emergency calls and assessing critically-ill patients… in a [...]

The world’s largest event for ICU data turned into a hackathon this year

The Critical Care Datathon brought together more than 400 clinicians, data scientists and statisticians from around the world to find AI solutions for actual clinical questions

Meet the company that is revolutionizing drug discovery

“Every day is a little bit different because there’s either a new face, or someone doing something new, or there’s a new client,” says Jamie Hodgson, Director of Strategic Partnerships at [...]

From Diagnosis to Treatment Plan in a Matter of Minutes

For inconclusive mammograms, this breast imaging tool can offer decisive answers in less than seven minutes

This Wireless Monitor is Changing the Labor Experience According to Expectant Moms

Moms-to-be can move more freely in the hospital while accurately monitoring vitals

How two women are partnering to rewrite the script on women leaders in radiology

Women from industry and academia are collaborating to build the pipeline of future female radiology leaders

Building facilities of the future: This collaboration reimagines what’s possible in biopharmaceutical manufacturing

GE Healthcare announces digital collaboration with Rockwell Automation to help drug manufacturers improve efficiencies, get to market faster, and deliver personalized medicines.

Why healthcare AI is both an art and a science

This partnership is combining one million images and 22,000 patient studies with a distinct strategy
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