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How One Father-Son Doctor Duo is “Cloning a Cardiologist” in India

A cloud-connected digital tool helps doctors diagnose heart attack patients remotely and in a matter of seconds Today, a cardiac patient in rural India will be diagnosed remotely by a doctor standing [...]

Hospitals are the Anchor to the Success of Mobile Healthcare

Healthcare is moving beyond the traditional hospital setting.  With venture capital funding for mobile health hitting an all-time high in 2016, it’s clear the sector is preparing to accelerate. But with [...]

Helping Mothers and Children in Ghana One Scan at a Time

ISUOG and GE Healthcare team up to provide ultrasound training to midwives and sonographers in Ghana In developing countries around the world, childbirth is a leading cause of death for women. But according [...]

Paving Way for Scientists of the Future:

Meet the scientists developing new technology to safely deliver a biological gas to fight healthcare-acquired infections Healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs) are an immense challenge for the healthcare industry, as they are acquired [...]

Paging Mr. Experience: When a Hospital Invests in Personnel to Improve the Patient’s Stay

Hartford HealthCare’s leadership shares about life behind hospital doors Like many health systems across the United States, Hartford HealthCare (HHC) faces incredible pressure to cut costs throughout the operation. Despite this, [...]

How 200-year old Scottish Technology is Making the Future of Medicine Cooler

Asymptote’s digitally-enabled cryogenic cold chain technology supports safe manufacture and delivery of cellular therapies Cellular therapies are rapidly changing healthcare with life-saving treatments for many of the world’s most challenging diseases, [...]

As Cell Therapy Matures, It Will Likely Alter What It Means to Get a Cancer Diagnosis

By Ger Brophy An insider’s take on how the healthcare industry will embrace this change The race to deliver the world’s first-ever approved autologous cancer cellular therapy is quickly approaching its [...]

Boosting Local Biopharma Capability To Improve Cancer Care

Earlier this autumn, Russian pharmaceutical company R-Pharm opened a new biopharmaceutical production plant in Yaroslav, one of the main pharmaceutical clusters in Russia located 250 kilometers (160 miles) northeast of Moscow. [...]

With 3D Printing, It’s Love at First Touch for These Parents-To-Be

With the help of this doctor and ultrasound technology, this visually impaired family was able to ‘meet’ their son before he was born. Without the gift of sight, pregnancy can be [...]

Code City: Chicago Is Becoming a City of Coders

More investment may cement this city’s status as the Silicon Valley of the Midwest “I remember the first time I wrote a simulation program in c++ in college… I was hooked,” [...]

Little Meals, Huge Impact: Preemie Nutrition Is More Advanced Than Ever

This device promotes early development of eating skills in newborns and infants born prematurelyIn December 2016, Kasa and David Schroer were expecting their first child. Kasa was 28 weeks pregnant at [...]

The Startup That Fast-Tracked Treatment For Heart Attacks – And Their Own Path To Success

Helping doctors in India detect heart complications within minutes of a patient’s arrival In 2014, 5 million people in India suffered heart attacks, and 3 million of those people didn’t live. [...]
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