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AI algorithm to compete in junior radiologist image quiz

An AI algorithm could help radiologists prioritize the review of critical cases

AI gets a backbone: Deep learning makes it easier for doctors to read spine scans

Radiologists in Norway are using a CT app to facilitate image reading of the most common areas of the body for bone metastasis

This intelligent CT equals less time in front of the screen, more time with patients

Centre Cardiologique du Nord in France uses a new deep learning algorithm to reconstruct cardiac images The digital revolution has changed every aspect of our lives – from the way we [...]

Cleaning up biopharmaceutical manufacturing challenges

G-CON Manufacturing and GE Healthcare announce collaboration to advance early-stage cell therapy and viral vector manufacturing

Remote hospital’s rush to add modern technology proves prophetic

A 14-year-old boy’s doctors and mother vividly recall the day a serious car accident sent him to the hospital and the events that led to his survival

Doctors travel to remote town to perform essential cardiovascular exams

This medical team from Duke University travels with a portable ultrasound to monitor cardiac dysfunction in children with HIV

The radiologists’ role in an AI-powered world – opportunity or threat?

President of the European Society of Radiology spoke about the AI opportunities as ESR and GE Healthcare partnered for the European Congress

Have an Achy Breaky Heart? Cardiac CT Can Help Doctors Better Assess the Source of Your Chest Pain, Finds Study

SCOT-Heart Trial finds cardiac CT scan nearly halves future risk of heart attack in patients with chest pain

A Bot for Sepsis and Cancer Care in the Cloud

Two global generators of massive amounts of healthcare data are collaborating on digital tools for some of the world’s biggest health challenges

Experts say this is the key to successfully bringing AI into the hospital

Experts say this is the key to successfully bringing AI into the hospital. Practical approaches, top data science talent and partnership are helping to deliver real results today.

Artificial Intelligence helps doctors with critical measurement during pregnancy

Automating the process of measuring the fetal brain may help get crucial data faster and easier For many expectant parents, the first opportunity to “meet” their baby comes at 20-weeks of [...]

Is this the final hurdle for immunotherapy?

5 questions with: Jeff Balser, MD, PhD, President and Chief Executive Officer,Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Dean of the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine   By Kieran Murphy It was the winner of [...]
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