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Healthcare Needs Moonshots. This Is What a Digital One Looks Like

By combining digital and industrial, software and hardware, minds and machines, we can transform data into actionable insights to improve lives around the world By: David Hale and Dr. Michael Blum [...]

A Veteran and Cancer Survivor Sits Down with Vice President Biden to Stand Up to Cancer

After 23 years in the military, a veteran found work with the company that makes the technology that detected his cancer — now he’s using his experiences to help advise The White House [...]

Doctors Will Have Algorithms As An Extra Set Of Eyes To See Inside The Human Body

The Top 10 Reasons Transformation is the New Normal for Healthcare – Reason 6 Inside the radiology reading room in the world-renowned Boston Children’s Hospital, pediatric neuroradiologists read 30,000-50,000 images of [...]

On the anniversary of his passing, new hospital brings Nelson Mandela’s dreams to life

Before he passed in 2013, Nelson Mandela shared his dream for the children of Southern Africa: create a hospital that offered quality healthcare for the generations of today and tomorrow, regardless [...]

Healthcare making an impact at one of the world’s largest startup events

The co-founder of Top Data Science explains what’s new from his startup and how they’re working to meet investors and exchange ideas. Bold promotional banners outside an event venue in the [...]

Do you believe in MAGiC?

Neuro exams are now being done in a fraction of the time with new MAGiC software When Dawei Gui joined the MR team at GE Healthcare in 2005, the industry was [...]

At his fingertips: a doctor’s emotion on seeing his tiny patient

Tiny fingers grasping a doctor’s hand. An incredible photo, and an even more powerful story. Dr. Jin Chung Shih is head of the labor ward and Assistant Professor in the Department [...]

Stark contrast: a new tool to image the liver

The Greeks considered the liver to be the home of all human emotions and the organ closet to divine presence. Today, we look at the liver more practically. It is the [...]

Putting Control Of Mammograms In Women’s Hands, Literally

Addressing the pain and anxiety caused by mammograms: Senographe PristinaTM The best chance of early detection of breast cancer is a mammogram. But for many women the number one reason they don´t [...]

Lab Invaders LIVE: New Series Sneaks Inside The Lab Where MRI Magnets Are Made with Liquid Helium

Episode premiers Tuesday at noon ET / 5pm GMT. Here’s 7 Stats You May Not Have Known About This Supercool Gas That Calls the Periodic Table Home Helium is found in [...]

Ask the Scientist: Is the helium in parade balloons the same as the helium in MRI machines?

Today, those observing the Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S. may mark the occasion by watching celebratory parades of large inflated balloon turkeys and other characters floating down city streets. Next Tuesday [...]

15 weeks early. 99 days in the NICU. 1 family’s story.

A series that asks those who have experienced prematurity to share their words of wisdom and inspiration with others currently going through it. In 2014, Amy Little was pregnant with her third [...]
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