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Doctor captures live image of twins with entangled umbilical cord, while performing surgery to save them

This expectant mom came to Dr. Shih because one of her twins had a complex heart issue that would require surgery after birth Approximately one in 67 pregnancies is a multiple [...]

A breakthrough partnership just made one of the most talked about health trends for 2018 a reality

GE Healthcare and Roche Diagnostics come together to develop industry-first software integrating in-vivo and in-vitro diagnostic data with latest clinical research for improved patient outcomes Precision medicine has been a growing [...]

We asked top clinicians what AI will do for healthcare in 2018. Here’s what they said

Despite the debate, most say AI is already transforming the industry, and 2018 may be the year we see real, tangible results   Artificial Intelligence is among healthcare’s most widely discussed [...]

How one of South East Asia’s smallest countries may be leading the way in healthcare

In Vietnam, population and GDP growth have encouraged the country to think beyond technology in providing more health for more people Since the 1990’s Vietnam’s GDP growth has been among the [...]

5 Predictions: Why 2018 Will Be The Future of Healthcare

Healthcare has long been just on the cusp of massive change and futurists’ favorite subject for predictions. From data and analytics, to patient empowerment, the advancements from the past year may [...]

Can NASA-inspired Command Centers help the hospital of the future? This hospital thinks so

Canadian hospital is latest to unveil new air traffic control center that’s expected to improve its efficiency by 40% In the 1960s, airports started using new air traffic control technology that [...]

6 Ways Health Care Moved Beyond Hospital Walls in 2017

From cloud-connected ECG systems to automated ultrasound tools, health care is breaking down the traditional hospital walls to become more digital and mobile.   “Digital disruption is the new normal. Big [...]

10 ways cell therapy and biopharma have changed in 2017 and why it matters

From microscopic processes to large-scale manufacturing of biologics, life sciences has made massive progress that sets the stage for rapidly changing healthcare   1. 3D Printing Meets Biopharma: How Two Engineers [...]

How new technology being used in India could help 500 million women around the world

More than 60% of breast cancer cases in India are detected at an advanced stage, but a new handheld device seeks to bring screening to areas with limited access   Dr. [...]

New Cardiology Center Steps Up The Beat

How doctors and caregivers designed a top-notch cardiology center entirely around the patient journey. Clinique Pasteur in Toulouse, France, a top-ranked European cardiology facility located in the heart of the city, [...]

When it Comes to Big Data in Health Care, Size Matters And So Do Variety, Speed and More

Bernoulli Health Chief Analytics Officer John Zaleski, PhD, CAP, CPHIMS, writes on what it takes to enable predictive analytics in health care What is the promise of predictive analytics in medicine? [...]

New Military Research Could Hold Promise for Civilian Care

Applying automation in ultrasound for time-sensitive decisions A U.S. Army soldier finds herself facing intensifying enemy fire. She’s shot in the chest. Every breath is harder to take and more painful [...]
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