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Patient-Centered Care Paves the Way for Healthcare Transformation in the Middle East

  Driven by an increase in the population and the rising cost of treatment, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) healthcare market is projected to grow from US$40.3 billion in 2015 to [...]

Fixing a broken heart… in the womb

In 2014, Erica and Nate Endicott were expecting their first child. They were experiencing a smooth pregnancy and were excited to ‘see’ their son as they went in for the 18-week [...]

How a surgeon cured a young girl’s “incurable” brain aneurysm

When 15-year-old Jessica Vargas from Cali, Colombia, started getting headaches two years ago, a brain scan told her family something they never wanted or expected to hear: Jessica had a large, [...]

When NBA Doctors Are Detectives: Healing Bones With Better Research

In most sports, how you play the game determines whether you win or lose. But how an athlete lands on their feet, can make or break not only their athletic career [...]

What happens when large corporations and startups converge?

Innovation for global health says this chief technologist By Vikram DamodaranToday’s world is one of convergence. Convergence of global markets. Convergence of personal and private data. Convergence of technology with service [...]

Six Ways the World is Closer to Closing the Healthcare Skills Gap

As economies and technology have rapidly evolved, so has the need to ensure people have the skills for a modern workforce and world. It’s a challenge that is likely to span [...]

Finnish Chief Physician recalls what cancer treatment looked like in the early 90’s

Compared to when she was starting her professional path, today’s cancer treatment is more personalized thanks to improved and patient-driven care. When Irina Rinta-Kiikka was studying medicine, and practicing at different [...]

The Health, Science and Tech News of 2016

A look back at the top topics and trends making headlines on The Pulse this year. From global health to prefab factories changing biopharma, the top stories of 2016 continued to [...]

Seeing inside the colon … with virtual reality

Bringing together 3D virtual reality, machine learning and the human body. Imagine that you are inside a colon. A giant colon in which you can navigate. You travel forward from side [...]

Healthcare Needs Moonshots. This Is What a Digital One Looks Like

By combining digital and industrial, software and hardware, minds and machines, we can transform data into actionable insights to improve lives around the world By: David Hale and Dr. Michael Blum [...]

A Veteran and Cancer Survivor Sits Down with Vice President Biden to Stand Up to Cancer

After 23 years in the military, a veteran found work with the company that makes the technology that detected his cancer — now he’s using his experiences to help advise The White House [...]

Doctors Will Have Algorithms As An Extra Set Of Eyes To See Inside The Human Body

The Top 10 Reasons Transformation is the New Normal for Healthcare – Reason 6 Inside the radiology reading room in the world-renowned Boston Children’s Hospital, pediatric neuroradiologists read 30,000-50,000 images of [...]
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