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Hospitals in Turkey and Spain are making prostate exams easier for patients

Advances in Magnetic Resonate (MR) imaging are also helping phyisicans better catch prostate cancer, the fifth leading cause of death from cancer in men.

This cardiac software originating from a Stanford basement is now one of the top of Artificial Intelligence solutions available

Dr. Albert Hsiao co-developed the new ViosWorks MR software package to help speed up cardiac MRI exams. It all started with a simple request made in the depths of one of the [...]

AI-embedded X-Ray system could help speed up detection of a collapsed lung

Pneumothorax impacts nearly 74,000 Americans every year. An AI algorithm could help radiologists prioritize the review of critical cases. With more than 2 billion X-Ray exams done annually, X-Ray is often the [...]

How one radiologist is bringing 3D printing to the health care of nine million veterans

Veterans Administration and GE Healthcare partnership reduces the time it takes for radiologists to create 3D-printed models from hours to minutes. When VA radiologist Dr. Beth Ripley stepped into the convention center [...]

One of the largest AI platforms in healthcare is one you’ve never heard of, until now

Newly announced apps and AI-powered devices built on “Edison” demonstrate why an ability to integrate data from millions of systems and devices may bring real change to the healthcare industry.

Like Google Maps for the liver, this solution helps clinicians navigate one of the body’s most complex organs

Interventional radiologist’s study suggests a higher rate of liver tumor response when pairing embolization with tumor feeding vessel detection software. While the heart and brain are often deemed the most important organs [...]

MRI as art: How one radiologist uses MRI images as his artistic muse

French radiologist captures MRI images and turns them into stunning pieces of art. 3D diagrams of a brain rotate on a black background, with colored strands firing through like bolts of lightning [...]

See, Snap, Send: How Digital Communication is Advancing Health Care

The same technology enabling driverless cars and 3D video games is powering this new ultrasound system. Digital communication is the new normal.

Born 16 weeks early, this girl is now the top reader in her second grade class

On World Prematurity Day, clinicians and families are dedicated to raising awareness about prematurity and recognizing tiny and resilient babies. In the corner of the second-grade classroom at Safa School in Dubai, [...]

“A mammogram saved my life”: Why one breast cancer survivor believes mammograms are critical to survival

A mammogram caught her breast cancer and her doctors were able to treat it. Every year, she goes in for a mammogram to see if it’s come back.

A Prescription for Combatting Medical Errors: Effective Communication

How Nurses Play a Critical Role in Information Hand-offs Miscommunication that occurs during the exchange of information between health care providers accounts for approximately 80% of adverse events in the health [...]

This mom thought she was going to the doctor for a 45-minute appointment. It turned into a 45-day stay

Born six weeks early, these twin boys are now happy and healthy toddlers.  In 2013, Louise Muth was thrilled to be pregnant with her first children, a set of twin boys. [...]
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