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HealthTech Review Jan, 14 2013

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Radiologists’ New Role in Healthcare: Improving Patient Care by Becoming More Visible

What do radiologists do? As patient care takes center stage, radiologists are taking on a more customer-focused role and raising awareness about the important role they play in diagnostics and imaging. [...]

Life is not a Matter of Milestones but Moments: First eICU Brings Specialists to Patients in India

Each year, many patients don’t receive the healthcare they need due to their geographical location. Patients that live in rural areas or who need access to a specialist have to be [...]

GE Healthcare Highlights: Patients First at RSNA 2012

As 2012 reaches a close, let’s look back on one of the most important events from this year: RSNA 2012. During the trade show, GE Healthcare announced some of the most [...]

A year review: The London 2012 Olympics

This year, one of GE Healthcare’s most memorable events was as an official partner of the Olympic Games. The sporting event held in London this summer utilized innovative imaging equipment and [...]

GE Healthcare: 2012 in Data

GE Healthcare released important healthcare data from around the world in 2012, allowing the healthcare community to discover more about the patient experience, how to improve efficiency and engage with people [...]

A Year Review: Cancer Awareness in 2012

This year, GE Healthcare’s commitment to spreading awareness on breast cancer has shown amazing reach around the world. Campaigns like #GetFit, the GE Healthcare Pink Ribbons or social initiatives like Cancer [...]

First Global Installation of the Discovery IGS 730 System for Hybrid Operating Rooms

GE Healthcare announces the first global installation in France of the Discovery IGS 730 system for hybrid Operating Rooms and imaging departments. It will allow performing complex minimally-invasive endovascular and percutaneous [...]

The #GetFit Stars: Making Healthy Choices Trend Around the World

#GetFit’s success was thanks to its ambassadors: cancer survivors, heroes and carers that shared their stories with everyone around the world. Their voices were made stronger by online campaigners, social media-savvy [...]

GE’s Automated Function Imaging Proves Its Value in Daily Clinical Use

Cardiologists from around the world are gathering this week at EuroEcho in Athens, Greece to discuss some of the latest advancements in cardiovascular imaging. One of the talks of the conference [...]

Q&A with Hooman Hakami: Discovery IGS 730 at St. Luke’s Installation

Hooman Hakami, President & CEO, GE Healthcare, Detection & Guidance Solutions (DGS), talks about the Discovery IGS 730 and the first installation of this technology in the US, in St. Luke’s Hospital, [...]

HealthTech Review Dec, 4 2012

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