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First Global Installation of the Discovery IGS 730 System for Hybrid Operating Rooms

GE Healthcare announces the first global installation in France of the Discovery IGS 730 system for hybrid Operating Rooms and imaging departments. It will allow performing complex minimally-invasive endovascular and percutaneous [...]

The #GetFit Stars: Making Healthy Choices Trend Around the World

#GetFit’s success was thanks to its ambassadors: cancer survivors, heroes and carers that shared their stories with everyone around the world. Their voices were made stronger by online campaigners, social media-savvy [...]

GE’s Automated Function Imaging Proves Its Value in Daily Clinical Use

Cardiologists from around the world are gathering this week at EuroEcho in Athens, Greece to discuss some of the latest advancements in cardiovascular imaging. One of the talks of the conference [...]

Q&A with Hooman Hakami: Discovery IGS 730 at St. Luke’s Installation

Hooman Hakami, President & CEO, GE Healthcare, Detection & Guidance Solutions (DGS), talks about the Discovery IGS 730 and the first installation of this technology in the US, in St. Luke’s Hospital, [...]

HealthTech Review Dec, 4 2012

Keep up to speed with the latest healthcare technology news here. 

Value in Knowing: A Look at The Benefits of Early, Accurate Detection of Neurodegenerative Diseases

Being diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disease, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or Huntington’s diseases can be traumatic and stressful for patients, their families and friends. Unfortunately, many diagnoses are made when the [...]

Trending at RSNA 2012

During RSNA 2012, GE Healthcare unveiled some of the most innovative and exciting medical technologies that will help change the way radiology works today and evolves in the future. Here we [...]

From the Show Floor: Humanizing MR for Better Patient Care

Richard Hausmann, President and CEO of Magnetic Resonance at GE Healthcare, talks about how GE Healthcare is working on humanizing the MR experience and introduces a revolutionary technology to reduce noise [...]

From the Show Floor: Lower dose, Higher Quality Patient Care

Vivek Bhatt, Vicepresident and General Manager PET/CT at GE Healthcare, talks about the most sensitive Clinical PET/CT scanner in the world, and how alongside new Q-Suite technology, it can help lower [...]

From the Show Floor: Redefining Low Dose

At RSNA 2012 today, Steve Gray, Vicepresident and General Manager for CT and Advantage Workstation at GE Healthcare, provides a general overview of the company's CT offerings that improve diagnostic imaging [...]

From the Show Floor: Advanced Imaging Solutions for the Surgical Space

GE Healthcare's Chantal Le Chat, General Manager, Premium Angiography Detection & Guidance Solutions, shares more information on the groundbreaking Discovery IGS 730 system for hybrid Operating Rooms at RSNA 2012. The [...]

From the Show Floor: Reinventing the Mammography Experience

Prahlad Singh, General Manager Women’s Healthcare, GE Healthcare, Detection & Guidance Solutions, joins us from RSNA 2012 to talk about GE Healthcare's SensorySuite for mammography. The SensorySuite helps  to improve the [...]
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