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Driving a Dialogue around Consumerism and Radiology

As the world’s foremost radiologists gather at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Annual Meeting in Chicago November 25-29, RSNA is making the theme of the meeting this year “Patients [...]

Welcome to the RSNA!

We’re starting the five most exciting days for Radiology this year at RSNA 2012, the best forum to showcase the latest medical imaging products and services. For the next five days, [...]

Countdown to RSNA: Know more about Detection and Guidance Solutions

The Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) conference kicks off on the 25th of November. Hooman Hakami, President & CEO, GE Healthcare, Detection & Guidance Solutions, present this exciting business for [...]

Countdown to RSNA: Innovations that Matter

RSNA 2012 will start in 5 days. In this video, Joe Shrawder shares GE Healthcare’s exciting developments in the Surgery business and what’s to come at this year’s show. Tune in [...]

Moving Data Instead of Patients

One goal at GE Healthcare IT is to create software, technologies and solutions that move and share patients’ data instead of moving the patient themselves.

The More Social You Are, the Healthier You Can Be

Can online social networks encourage improved health behavior? GE Healthcare recently commissioned consumer research related to this topic and convened a global panel of experts to discuss it, as well. The [...]

Countdown to RSNA: Humanizing MR

Richard Hausmann, President and CEO of GE Healthcare MR, talks about how GE is humanizing MR by focusing on the patient experience, and he shares highlights from the MR booth that [...]

Health Canada Takes GE CT Technology “to Heart” with Clearance of Discovery CT750HD FREEdom Edition

The main challenges of cardiac imaging – coronary motion, calcium blooming, plaque composition and accurate myocardial perfusion – will now have the opportunity to be addressed in Canada following Health Canada’s [...]

Going to RSNA 2012?

The conference of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) is one of the most important forums for medical imaging innovations in the world. The weeklong event, held every year in [...]

Kid-friendly Milestone: First Installation of DoseWatch Technology at US Pediatric Facility

The first installation of GE Healthcare’s DoseWatch* technology at a pediatric facility in the U.S. is now complete, an important step in GE’s efforts to help leading US hospitals further reduce [...]

GE Healthcare Releases London 2012 Polyclinic Imaging Data to Mark International Day of Radiology

Marking this week’s first International Day of Radiology, GE Healthcare has created an infographic illustrating how radiology equipment was used to diagnose athletes’ injuries at the London 2012 Olympic Polyclinic. [...]

GE Healthcare Expands Presence in Breast Cancer Detection

GE Healthcare announced today the acquisition of U-Systems, Inc., a manufacturer of ultrasound products specifically designed for breast applications. With operations in Sunnyvale, CA and Phoenix, AZ, U-Systems, Inc. has developed [...]
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