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From the Show Floor: The Latest Innovations in Detection and Guidance Solutions

Hooman Hakami, President and CEO of Detection and Guidance Solutions, brings us a live update from RSNA 2012 on the latest innovations in Detection and Guidance Solutions such as the Discovery [...]

From the Show Floor: Breakthrough Solutions in Liver Embolization

Live from the GE Healthcare stand at RSNA 2012, Kiem Lam, GE Healthcare Product Manager, Interventional Radiology Detection and Guidance Solutions (DGS),  talks about FlightPlan for Liver, developed to make intricate [...]

From the Show Floor: Integrated Fluoroscopy and Ultrasound

Joe Shrawder, President and CEO Surgery at GE Healthcare, talks about the latest addition to GE Healthcare's family of operating solutions: the OEC Elite+Venue 40*, an integrated fluoroscopy and ultrasound all-in-one [...]

From the Show Floor: Boosting Imaging Quality One Scan at a Time

Live from RSNA 2012 in Chicago, GE Healthcare Chief Marketing Officer for Ultrasound Paul Mullen announces the acquisition of U-Systems, an ultrasound product manufacturer that will expand GE presence in breast [...]

From the Show Floor: Introducing Universal Viewer

At RSNA 2012, Sean Burke, Chief Marketing Officer, IT and Performance Solutions at GE Healthcare, introduces Universal Viewer, an intuitive workspace that brings together advanced visualization, intelligent productivity tools and multimodality [...]

GE Healthcare Joins with Nuance Communications to Unveil Innovative Dose-Tracking Dictation Solution

Combining dose-tracking with a state-of-the-art dictation radiology report system, GE Healthcare and Nuance Communications now offer an integrated solution designed to empower radiologists and impact patient care. 

From the Show Floor: Changing the Way Radiology Works Today

John Dineen, CEO of GE Healthcare, brings us live information from the booth floor at RSNA 2012.

Driving a Dialogue around Consumerism and Radiology

As the world’s foremost radiologists gather at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Annual Meeting in Chicago November 25-29, RSNA is making the theme of the meeting this year “Patients [...]

Welcome to the RSNA!

We’re starting the five most exciting days for Radiology this year at RSNA 2012, the best forum to showcase the latest medical imaging products and services. For the next five days, [...]

Countdown to RSNA: Know more about Detection and Guidance Solutions

The Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) conference kicks off on the 25th of November. Hooman Hakami, President & CEO, GE Healthcare, Detection & Guidance Solutions, present this exciting business for [...]

Countdown to RSNA: Innovations that Matter

RSNA 2012 will start in 5 days. In this video, Joe Shrawder shares GE Healthcare’s exciting developments in the Surgery business and what’s to come at this year’s show. Tune in [...]

Moving Data Instead of Patients

One goal at GE Healthcare IT is to create software, technologies and solutions that move and share patients’ data instead of moving the patient themselves.
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