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This Ethiopian woman’s second premature baby conquers all odds

At just 28 weeks gestation, Workie gave birth to her son at the same hospital where she had her first premature babyApproximately 115 kilometers outside Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital, Workie Abegaz [...]

Overcoming one of the biggest MR imaging challenges … scan time

HyperSense, an industry-first new high-speed MRI scanning technique, is making it possible to reduce scan time by 30-50%. It takes about half an hour to scan a patient’s brain, shoulder, spine [...]

Engineers just invented an MRI that images the brain like never before, tiny crossing fibers and all

Now they’re going live from their lab to show how they did it and why researchers and clinicians now have a new tool to help them defeat disease Engineers created an [...]

Real Thoughts Real Women Had About Their Mammograms

“Is this fun? NOPE. Is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY.”   Starting from age 40, guidelines indicate women undergo mammography exams annually – and sometimes starting even earlier for patients at risk. [...]

The Skeleton in Your Closet – Osteoporosis

Evidence indicates that better understanding bone health can predict risk of the disease that causes a fracture every three seconds Adriana* recognized the warning signs. Her mother, an active woman in good [...]

Targeted Therapy: Predicting Treatment Response with a Shot of Tracer and Tech

How combining tech innovation and tracer research can pave the way to more targeted therapies. Targeted therapy is becoming an increasingly important option in the management of cancer and an exciting [...]

How One Doctor Saved his Father from a Problematic Prostate

After nearly two decades of discomfort, Jose turned to his son – the doctor – for minimally invasive treatment. For nearly 20 years, Jose Angelo Carnevale tried his best to ignore his [...]

From Rhinos to Naked Mole Rats: Scanning the Most Unique Patients

Working to save at-risk species with ultrasound The only male northern white rhino left in the world lives on a conservancy in central Kenya with 24-hour armed guards, along with the [...]

Race to Market: Collaborating to Accelerate Cell Therapy

Simplifying and automating cell therapy manufacturing to help reach more patients Cell therapy may be a new field, but it’s rapidly advancing. CAR-T therapy, which uses a patient’s own re-engineered T-cells [...]

The mammography system that mammo techs want to use – for patients and themselves

An inside look at a team of mammo techs that performs 50-60 mammograms a day For many women, an annual mammogram can trigger anxiety or fear. Even if this isn’t their [...]

Canine vs. Cancer: Seeing the Unseen with Ultrasound, and Man’s Best Friend

When Karen’s 110-pound Doberman kept nudging her in the same spot, she decided to see a doctor Pets provide great companionship, and many are even considered part of the family. In [...]

3D Printing Meets Biopharma: How Two Engineers Turned a Vision and One Printer into a Center that May Improve Healthcare

A new additive manufacturing center is already showing progress in bringing technology to more parts of healthcare, faster It all started when two engineers had an idea. In June 2016, Andreas [...]
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