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Meet Mark Jopek, #GetFit Germany Ambassador

Marc Jopec is a GE Employee and Germany’s Ambassador for the #GetFit Campaign, inspiring people around the world to start a healthier lifestyle. His energetic nature and tough spirit have driven [...]

New Software Tells Brain Surgeons Where to Cut

At Jerusalem’s Hadassah Hospital, a team of neurosurgeons and computer scientists are developing software to plan the delicate incisions that are necessary for neurosurgery. 

Meet Estelle Lagarde, #GetFit France Ambassador

Estelle Lagarde is a French photographer, breast cancer survivor and #GetFit Ambassador. During her experience with breast cancer, Estelle decided to share her story through her art, creating beautiful images that [...]

Week 5 #GetFit Roundup: International Fight for Health!

It’s been a busy week for the #GetFit campaign, reaching Asia through the Korea, Indonesia, China and Japan ambassadors. This week’s #GetFit campaign has reached many users in Weibo, one of [...]

Meet Alfredo Arán, #GetFit Spain Ambassador

Alfredo Arán was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2003. In November 2004, just six months after he finished his cancer treatment, he was already on his feet running the New York [...]

Meet Donna Stibbard, #GetFit Australia and New Zealand Ambassador

Donna Stibbard has always been a sportsperson, doing exercise regularly as part of her daily routine. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer, the way people perceived her changed. During the [...]

GE Imaging Team, Awarded Best Product Line in Breast Imaging

Frost & Sullivan conducted an independent market research to determine the best breast imaging product line around the world. GE’s equipment won the highest ranking award for product line, size of [...]

Saudi Hospital Uses Business Leadership Program to Build Key Ingredients for Success

It has been reported that throughout the world, healthcare systems are challenged to transform their organizations. But in those reports transformation doesn’t just come in one flavor; while operations and quality [...]

Meet Ani Rahardjo, #GetFit Indonesia Ambassador

For Ani Rahardjo, living a healthy lifestyle has always been a major priority, especially after both her sister and aunt was diagnosed with cancer. In 1994, Ani’s aunt was diagnosed with [...]

GE Healthcare Marks World Alzheimer’s Day 2012

GE Healthcare has made a global commitment to tackling Alzheimer’s disease. Building on the strengths of GE Healthcare’s technology and diagnostic portfolios, the company is able to address this disease in [...]

The Pink Path Experience, a Journey from Art to Awareness

Breast cancer remains the leading cause of cancer deaths. Worldwide more than 1 million women are diagnosed with breast cancer*In France, 12,000 women are still dying every year.  This week in [...]

Join BCM Talks on September, 24 2012

This Tuesday, September 24, GE Healthcare is launching BCM Talks, a groundbreaking initiative to actively engage those who desire to share their breast cancer experience with their peers in the healthcare [...]
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