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Week 3 Roundup of #GetFit, Striking a Chord around the World

This week, users from the Middle East, Asia and Europe are gearing up for their upcoming stops on the #GetFit Campaign, making strong progress in the challenge leaderboards. People from 25 [...]

Meet Samia Al-Amoudi, #GetFit Saudi Arabia Ambassador

Dr. Samia Al-Amoudi is a healthcare professional from Saudi Arabia. As a breast cancer survivor, she has encouraged women from all over the world to be informed about the disease and [...]

Singing at Top Speed: One Man’s Secret to Encouraging a Healthier Lifestyle

Meet João Rodrigues, a Studio Manager at a gym in Spain, whose job is all about motivating people that come to better themselves and their bodies achieving a healthier lifestyle through [...]

HealthTech Review Sept, 10 2012

Keep up to speed with the latest healthcare technology news here. 

Meet Ruti Lapidot, #GetFit Israel Ambassador

Ruti Lapidot is a strong and determined woman who refers to herself as a cancer winner and has surprised even herself with her own resilience. After six months of intense chemotherapy [...]

Advocate Health Care Joins the Low-Dose Commitment with GE Blueprint

The GE Blueprint for low dose program today added another top health system to its list of commitments with the addition of Advocate Health Care, the largest integrated healthcare system [...]

Week 2 Roundup of #GetFit: A Global Hot Topic

The second week of the #GetFit campaign couldn’t have been better. The campaign traveled through South America and Africa, increasing awareness on social media platforms and reaching new people to inspire [...]

Meet Welela Dawit, #GetFit Kenya Ambassador

When Welela Dawit, Financial Planning and Analysis Leader at GE Africa, started her new role with GE in Nairobi, she realized it meant more than a new job in a new [...]

London’s Air Ambulance trials GE’s Vscan to See Inside Patients’ Bodies Before They Are Transported

GE’s pocket-sized visualization tool, Vscan, is being trialed by London’s Air Ambulance during London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games prior to transport. Learn how Vscan may help them speed up clinical [...]

Exercise and Working: Making Time for a Healthier Life

Working long hours, sitting and looking at a screen every day is tiring. It’s also very unhealthy. Although it might seem impossible to find time to work out, finding ways to [...]

Putting Ultrasound to the Test: Customers Share their Experience With Latest GE Vivid Technology

This week in Munich, Germany, some of the world’s top cardiologists are gathering for the 60th annual European Society of Cardiology conference. One of the new GE ultrasound systems being showcased [...]

Week 1 Roundup of #GetFit: Off to an Inspiring Start!

During its first week, GE Healthcare’s #GetFit campaign has already made an impact around the world. This year, GE Healthcare is promoting exercise and healthy eating with the help of professionals, [...]
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