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Meet Jillian Flower, #GetFit Canada Ambassador

Jillian Flower has always participated in competitive sports like skiing, running, swimming, cycling and kayaking.  She loves exercise, and attributes her sunny disposition and positivity directly to sport. Jillian is a [...]

#GetFit and Fight Cancer Today with GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare is running an online initiative for the second year to encourage people to #GetFit and join the fight against cancer. The #GetFit challenge aims to inspire people all around [...]

GE Healthcare Recognized by Industrial Designers Society of America for Design Excellence

2012 International Design Excellence Awards honors GE Healthcare with three awards for medical and scientific products.

Applying Advanced Technologies to Athletic Cardiac Assessment at London 2012

GE Healthcare at the Olympic Village Polyclinic helps simplify the process for assessing cardiac health of athletes through the use of computer based algorithms and imaging tools.

GE Celebrates the Human Spirit in Three Must-See Adverts for the Olympics

A new series of feel-good GE TV ads shed a positive light on healthcare during the Olympics. GE, which is an official sponsor of the London 2012 Olympics, released three broadcast [...]

Pintherapy, A New Way of Sharing Hope with Cancer Patients

Pinterest has bet on images being worth a thousand words. In many cases, for the millions of users that share thoughts through the network, one powerful image can help to share [...]

GE Ultrasound Equipment Give Equestrian Stars Another Shot at Gold

The purpose-built veterinary clinic in Greenwich has been kitted out with innovative GE Healthcare equipment to treat competing horses from every nation.  GE's Ultrasound system the LOGIQ e VET can help [...]

GE Healthcare at London 2012 Brings Real Time Access to Medical Records to the US Olympic Committee

Live from the Olympic Village Polyclinic, GE Healthcare talks to Dr.Bill Moreau, managing director, Sports Medicine, U.S Olympic Committee about increased access to medical records of more than 700 U.S. Olympians [...]

Healthymagination Brought to Life by Warwick Health Partnership

Healthymagination, GE’s shared commitment to creating better health for more people, is being brought to life in the UK’s West Midlands by a ground-breaking new partnership which aims to address some [...]

Software: Fueling Innovation and Invention in Healthcare

Software is fueling innovation and invention in healthcare. Thousands of developers and engineers work day in, day out to realize future-ready technologies and solutions. Running throughout the rest of the year, [...]

Teaming Up to Improve Patient Care: Intermountain Healthcare and the GE Blueprint for Low Dose

Intermountain Healthcare has joined GE Healthcare in continuing efforts to further reduce patients’ radiation dose in Computed Tomography (CT) imaging by up to 50 percent*. Leveraging the GE Blueprint for low dose, a [...]

HealthTech Review July, 30 2012

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