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GE Healthcare Unveils Exclusive 360 Degree Virtual Tour of London 2012 Olympic Village Polyclinic

GE Healthcare today unveils a ‘one of a kind’ virtual video tour of the London 2012 Olympic Village Polyclinic, allowing viewers to see inside an Olympic Village Polyclinic for the first [...]

Ultrasound Enters the Home of the French Athletes at the London 2012 Olympic Games

Learn more about how ultrasound is used to take care of the 333 French athletes during the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.  

For More than Just Balloons!

The world’s supply of helium may be getting low. And that matters. Perhaps best known for inflating party balloons and enabling silly high-pitched voices, helium is also critical in several industrial and [...]

GE Healthcare Provides State-Of-The-Art Imaging Technology to the Anti-Doping Team at London 2012

A state-of-the-art biomolecular imager from GE Healthcare will play a crucial role in the fight against doping at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games this summer. 

London 2012’s Polyclinic Games Makers Get Ready To Go

With the opening ceremony of this summer’s Olympic Games getting closer, London 2012’s ‘Games Makers’, the volunteers who will help ensure the Games are a success, are coming together to receive [...]

HealthTech Review July, 16 2012

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Beating the Odds: Athletes that Won Against Cancer

The Olympic Games are an example of how far human beings can push boundaries and show strength, ambition and resistance. Many of them have had to contend with more than just [...]

Alzheimer’s is a Family Matter – Female Caregivers Most Affected by Home Care

What does it mean to have Alzheimer’s disease in the family? For many women, it’s sacrificing time and money to care for someone they love, putting their health and economic stability [...]

Imaging Agent in Development Aims to Diagnose Patients a Decade Earlier

The fight against Alzheimer’s disease (AD) continues with a new collaboration between GE Healthcare and scientists in Japan, whose objective is to detect key proteins that accumulate inside Alzheimer’s patients’ brains. [...]

Vscan and Venue 40 to Be Utilized in an Evidence- Based African Study

In support of an evidence-based study sponsored by the Ifakara Health Institute, GE Healthcare recently assisted in the product training of 14 Tanzanian healthcare professionals at the Kisarawe District Hospital. The [...]

Solving Old OR Problems with New Digital Technology

For many Radiology Technologists like Jamie Rodgers, sending fluoroscopy X-ray images was cumbersome. In the past, Rodgers, a Radiology Technologist with the University of Rochester Medical Center, would have to wait [...]

HealthTech Review June, 25 2012

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