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Breast Cancer Patients Have Their Say in a New Data Visualization

A new GE Healthcare data visualization on patient experience and breast cancer reveals why women avoid regular mammograms, what variables affect patient pain levels during a scan and what hospitals can [...]

All-Russian Congress Radiology 2012 – Highlighting Innovation to Meet Local Needs

Over the last two decades there has been a significant redistribution of importance among various methods of radiological diagnostics. This week, GE Healthcare is showcasing its advanced technologies & solutions at [...]

Don’t Let Cancer Stop You: Celebrate Cancer Survivor Day!

Cancer affects millions of people around the world, not just patients but the family and friends that surround them. Cancer Survivor Day on June 3rd is dedicated to those people that [...]

Give Life Twice with Umbilical Cord Blood Donations

Umbilical cord blood can help save thousands of people around the world that die every year from leukemia, lymphoma or other immune system or genetic metabolic diseases. This valuable material, which [...]

HealthTech Review May, 28 2012

Keep up to speed with the latest healthcare technology news here. 

GE Healthcare and Cardiff University Lead the Way with Science Research Collaboration

GE Healthcare and Cardiff University have announced a new collaboration, which will bring industry and academia together  to collaborate on a wide range of science research and development projects.

GE Healthcare Applauds FCC for Spurring Wireless Health Innovation

An exciting U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) development could mean the end of cables and wires that constrain patients to their hospital beds, with new Medical Body Area Networks (MBANs). MBANs consist [...]

Connect 4 Healthcare System Improvement

GE Healthcare has joined the Center for Connected Medicine, a global thought leader defining the transformation of healthcare, as a founding partner. Through this collaboration, GE will continue to drive [...]

Connectivity 24/7: US Olympic Athletes Pioneer the Use of Electronic Medical Records in London 2012

In our personal lives, the fast paced world that we live in demands connectivity 24/7 and the Internet often answers burning questions and/or settles lingering arguments (e.g. What is the date [...]

How to Prevent Skin Cancer by Loving the Skin You’re In

  Skin cancer is one of the major diseases that affect millions of people worldwide. More people are being diagnosed yearly because of unnecessary exposure to harmful UV rays; making this [...]

Q&A: “Healthymagination Fits Like a Glove in Spain”

“Healthymagination fits like a glove in Spain” says Luis Campo, General Manager for GE Healthcare in Iberia. Read more about Luis Campo’s opinion on the current status of the healthcare system [...]

Digital Imaging Technology for Olympic Athletes Arrives in London for the Games

Three large Relocatable units containing GE Healthcare medical equipment for the athletes’ Polyclinic at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, have arrived in London from Rotterdam. 
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