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GE Blueprint for Low Dose Empowers Healthcare Providers to Lower Patient Exposure, Impact Patient Care

GE has a long history with advanced medical imaging. From Thomas Edison working to improve X-ray technology more than 115 years ago, to the 2011 announcement of over $800 million in [...]

The Olympics Are On and Being Healthy on Facebook Is ‘In’

HealthyShare, a new GE Facebook app, has launched on the social networking site, allowing users to share their exercise regime with their friends and be inspired by personalized exercise sessions designed [...]

World Class Healthcare Facilities Unveiled at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Village

The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games will benefit from a state-of-the–art Polyclinic, equipped with GE Healthcare’s innovative medical imaging technologies. Access to these will help ensure the highest standards of [...]

Society of Nuclear Medicine Show

This year at the Society of Nuclear Medicine (SNM), GE Healthcare Molecular Imaging and Medical Diagnostics are showcasing how biopharmaceuticals are becoming more focused and targeted, enabling more personalized care, especially [...]

HealthTech Review June, 11 2012

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GE Healthcare to Acquire XPRO, a Brazilian Medical Device Company

XPRO is the latest addition to GE Healthcare's investment in growing healthcare markets in Latin America. o complement the existing portfolio and the company’s desire to expand its business in such [...]

It’s Time to Transform Healthcare: Caradigm Officially Launches

GE and Microsoft confirm their joint venture with Caradigm this week; the new project is aimed towards helping healthcare systems and providers use real-time, organization-wide intelligence to improve patient experience. The [...]

Breast Cancer Patients Have Their Say in a New Data Visualization

A new GE Healthcare data visualization on patient experience and breast cancer reveals why women avoid regular mammograms, what variables affect patient pain levels during a scan and what hospitals can [...]

All-Russian Congress Radiology 2012 – Highlighting Innovation to Meet Local Needs

Over the last two decades there has been a significant redistribution of importance among various methods of radiological diagnostics. This week, GE Healthcare is showcasing its advanced technologies & solutions at [...]

Don’t Let Cancer Stop You: Celebrate Cancer Survivor Day!

Cancer affects millions of people around the world, not just patients but the family and friends that surround them. Cancer Survivor Day on June 3rd is dedicated to those people that [...]

Give Life Twice with Umbilical Cord Blood Donations

Umbilical cord blood can help save thousands of people around the world that die every year from leukemia, lymphoma or other immune system or genetic metabolic diseases. This valuable material, which [...]

HealthTech Review May, 28 2012

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