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Cook County Turns the Volume Up on Patient Safety

Cook County Health & Hospitals System (CCHHS) has announced today that they have become the newest member of the GE Patient Safety Organization (GE PSO), in an effort to continue their [...]

Sharing Experiences of the Battle Against Breast Cancer

GE Healthcare has given its Breast Cancer Mosaic – a website for sharing experiences and stories from those affected by breast cancer – an updated look and feel to [...]

Kenya Red Cross Receives $20,000 ‘Get Fit’ Donation

At a presentation ceremony in Nairobi, GE Healthcare’s global ‘Get Fit’ Twitter initiative has culminated in a $20,000 donation to Kenya Red Cross to support the aid organization’s humanitarian work in [...]

A Statewide Approach to Patient Safety

How Rhode Island has initiated a program to improve the way data on adverse medical events is reported, analyzed, shared, and utilized in collaboration with the GE Healthcare Patient Safety [...]

GE MR Focuses on Improving Patient Experience, While Bringing Superb Image Quality to Radiologists

GE is taking the path of optimizing the patient experience. The company asked its designers of the Wide Bore system to help them humanize radiology. The reflection of their thought is the “caring hands” [...]

GE Pink Ribbons Go Global

Breast cancer kills nearly half a million women each year worldwide, but, if detected early, treatments are available that can make a significant impact on recovery for many women. This month, [...]

Market-Relevant Design: Making ECGs Available Across India

At GE Healthcare, product development is increasingly focused on in-market innovation — designing entirely new products to meet the needs of a specific country or region. With over 10,000 MAC electrocardiogram [...]

Webcasting for Women’s Health on World Heart Day

  What are the top five non-communicable health problems for women? GE’s World Heart Day webcast discusses the main health concerns affecting women across the world and what we can be [...]

Computed Tomography Central to Helping Reduce Costs and Improve Quality in Cardiac Care

Eighteen months after the introduction of new national guidelines for patients with acute chest pain, we talk to one of the UK’s leading radiologists about their impact, the role of CT [...]

Care for the Caregiver

Medical mistakes can be traumatic for patients, changing their lives forever and causing both physical and emotional stress. The impact on the patient should never be undermined, but it is worth [...]

UN Summit Sets the Right Direction for Tackling Global Epidemic of Non-Communicable Diseases

The UN General Assembly’s high-level meeting on non-communicable diseases (NCD) is only the second health-focused summit in the organization’s history after the first on HIV/AIDS in 2001. It called for comprehensive [...]

GE Healthcare Marks World Alzheimer’s Day 2011

This week marks World Alzheimer’s Day 2011 and GE Healthcare supports initiatives such as this to raise awareness of the global health challenges caused by Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases. The [...]
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