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Non-Invasive Uterine Fibroid Procedure Performed 500 Times at One Center for the First Time in Korea

ExAblate is a MRgFUS (MR Guided Focused Ultrasound) technology that engages high intensity ultrasound beams to heat and destroy fibroid tissue. It is developed by InSightec and installed on GE‘s Magnetic [...]

Battling Infant Mortality in Africa and Beyond

Last week at the International Congress of Midwives (ICM), over 2,000 attendees learned about new approaches to help reduce the rate of maternal and infant mortality — not only in the [...]

Breast Screening Technologies Hit the Road

In the UK, where breast cancer incidence is among the highest in Europe, mobile mammography units have been a component of the National Health Service’s (NHS’s) Breast Screening Program for 20 [...]

New Mobile X-ray Technology Brings Imaging to the Patient

Given increasingly complex clinical settings and a growing demand for patient-centric medical care, there are times when healthcare professionals simply need a “radiology room on wheels.” GE’s new mobile x-ray technology [...]

Imagination, Innovation and Imaging Quality: Their Impact on the Industry

As a young resident at Cleveland Clinic in the 1970s, Dr. Juan Parodi was frustrated with the present approach to repairing abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA). It required a traumatic open surgical [...]

Q&A: Getting Under the Skin of the Hybrid OR

A hot topic within the industry is the hybrid operating room, which allows both open surgery and catheter-based imaging therapies to take place in the same operating room. The Hybrid OR [...]

Walking the Talk: GE Employees Make Healthier Choices Around the Globe

Through its HealthAhead program, GE encourages its employees to learn about health issues and make healthy lifestyle decisions. But with facilities in over 100 countries, employee wellness comes in many flavors. [...]

What do New Yorkers do to Get Fit?

Tourists and native New Yorkers have been treated to our Get Fit promotion in Times Square, which explains how to get involved in the initiative. So we hit the streets to [...]

GE’s Ecomagination Certification Offers Hospitals More Options to ‘Go Green’

In an ongoing effort to create a ‘greener’ hospital environment, GE Healthcare has received GE’s notable ecomagination certification for its first anaesthesia delivery system with the End Tidal Control (EtC)1 feature. [...]

GE Healthcare Competition Gets People Tweeting About Cancer Prevention

GE Healthcare CEO John Dineen helps us kick off our global “Get Fit” competition with a statement about the importance of making healthy choices in daily life.  During June and July, [...]

20,000 Patients Each Day Benefit from ASiR Low Dose Reconstruction Technology

For decades GE Healthcare has invested in leading, state of the art technology for significantly lowering dose in computed tomography (CT) procedures. GE Healthcare's exclusive ASiR†(adaptive statistical iterative reconstruction) low dose [...]

“Get Fit” with GE Healthcare

Game on! We’re hosting an inter-continental competition to see who can "Get Fit" fastest, by making changes to their lifestyle to become healthier, and tweeting about what they are doing, using [...]
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