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This partnership has produced some of the most important imaging tech of the last three decades

From a technique that tracks blood flow in the body during an MR scan to the imaging tech that sees the brain like never before, the  University of Wisconsin-Madison’s work with medical tech continues [...]

Turning a stem cell into a brain cell isn’t easy – this company does it every day and finally received the resources to scale

New Swedish Biotech Center will help companies like BioLamina develop and fine-tune their manufacturing processes so they can jump to large-volume production By Tomas Kellner Since she was a child, Therése Kallur [...]

Technological advancements and growing expertise about prematurity are increasing preterm babies’ chances of survival

During the last 10 years, the smallest baby saved has improved from 550 to 350 grams, and the youngest baby saved has improved from 26 to 22 weeks. When Sarah and [...]

A Different Answer for Cancer

How a three-hour, minimally invasive procedure gave one patient with liver cancer another chance at life  When Georgeann Jansson was diagnosed with Hepatocellular Carcinoma, the most common form of primary liver [...]

From up in the cloud to building from ground level: Where to look for top trends and topics in biopharma and cell therapy

In the exciting world of Life Sciences, news comes thick and fast. Look back at the top stories that broke in the last three months 1. Going viral: How a new factory-in-a-box [...]

Treating Patients with Handheld Ultrasound at Soaring Heights

This rescue helicopter provides emergency services to a New Zealand island with the help of a portable ultrasound Scattered across 150,000 square kilometers of beautiful farm land, mountainous terrain, and rugged coastline, South [...]

The Singapore Sling: Tapping into the island state’s strengths in research and development

There is more than one reason why Singapore should be in the spotlight this summer; its med-tech innovations are shining on the world stage Many countries in Asia boast longer than [...]

Intelligent Machines Are Changing Point of Care

How Artificial Intelligence can help clinicians focus Literature abounds on the use of ultrasound. The technology is applied to everything from peering at a fetus inside a body to helping to [...]

My ride to the cloud: How one doctor’s invention helped his own heart defect

GE Healthcare Life Sciences is launching the Emory Cardiac toolbox with Syntermed Live, which helped its developer’s heart perfusion. In 2008, Dr. Ernie Garcia was a healthy 60-year-old who knew the [...]

Doctors + Data: A new way to make critical medical decisions

Clinicians and data scientists join forces to create a new vision of healthcare in the ICU In the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), every second holds the promise of saving a life. [...]

Why more women than men are at the helm inside hospital command centers

76% of the mission control staff who work inside GE Healthcare’s first command center that coordinates care across a multi-hospital system are women Elon Musk recently announced plans to create high-speed [...]

6 Ways Technology Empowers Human Connections

From cloud-connected ultrasound systems to wireless maternal fetal monitors, digital tools are bringing clinicians closer to their patients and colleagues.   “Digital tools have the power to improve how clinicians practice [...]
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