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GE Healthcare’s Molecular Imaging Business Drives Transformation in Healthcare

Watch this video where Terri Bresenham, vice president and general manager of GE Healthcare’s molecular imaging business shares GE Healthcare’s vision of Molecular Imaging.  

Patient Comfort Drives Design and Development of NEW MRI Systems

Patient expectations of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) have shifted in recent years, as people have begun demanding a more comfortable scanning experience.

Q&A: Future and Key Challenges of Breast Cancer Diagnosis

David Caumartin, General Manager for Mammography at GE Healthcare, shares how the Company is approaching the future and the key challenges of breast cancer diagnosis.

GE Healthcare’s Ultrasound Business Strategy: Key Insights

According to a recent report by an independent research organization, GE was named a leader in the US ultrasound market last year.

GE’s Cardiac CT Working With Heart

GE Healthcare features Cardiac CT innovations with High Definition and Low Dose imaging on World Heart Day 2010 On 26 September 2010 – 10 years after the first World Heart Day [...]

The Future of Healthcare Technology – Event Report

Touring the GE Research Center in upstate New York is a little like visiting the concept car section of an auto show. The concepts are often awe inspiring but do they [...]

What’s the average doctor doing with 70% of the day?

How much does an average doctor get to keep out of every dollar they earn? How much time is spent on non-billable activities? Watch this entertaining and informative vinfographic (video infographic) [...]

Q&A: MR Imaging Advances Driven by Patient Comfort and Global Need

Of all the imaging technologies that GE Healthcare is involved with, magnetic resonance (MR) is still one of the youngest. It may also be the most exciting, from a clinical standpoint [...]

Helping Educators Keep Up With Ultrasound Advances

The changing nature of ultrasound means a lot of things: better images can lead to seeing more, knowing more, and ultimately helping a clinician make a more accurate diagnosis. But, it [...]

Health Innovation for an Aging Society

Omar Ishrak, president and CEO of GE Healthcare Systems, puts this week’s announcement of a joint venture between Intel and GE into context. “At GE Healthcare, we have the technology and [...]

GE Healthcare’s Commitment to CT Scan Technology Safety

GE responds to an article in The New York Times, Sunday, August 1, 2010

GE Healthcare Opens First Plant in Brazil

South America, and Brazil in particular, is a region of increasing focus for GE. GE CEO Jeff Immelt recently announced that the location of the next Global Research Center (GRC) will [...]
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