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An Annual Report Letter from GE Healthcare’s CEO John Flannery

An estimated 1% increase in healthcare efficiency—just a single percent—would save $63 billion in annual healthcare spending worldwide. As enormous as those benefits are, of course, the needs in healthcare go far beyond bending the cost curve.  Every new improvement in medical technology can help to make treatments more accessible, more affordable for patients and more successful in their outcomes.

The healthcare industry is changing in fundamental ways… click here to read the full letter in GE’s Annual Report.twitter_Flannerycopy 4 (1)

On Friday March 11, GE Healthcare hosted an investor event at the New York Stock Exchange to give analysts, institutions and retail investors a deep dive into its business. John Flannery further discussed how a key part of GE Healthcare’s strategy for 2016 and beyond is going all in on a digital transformation that will improve our efficiency and drive outcomes for customers. Catch up here.