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#BCMTalks: Gia Sison Advocates Digital Health as Source of Inspiration During Breast Cancer Fight

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Gia Sison will be the featured guest speaker in the next talk that forms part of the Breast Cancer Mosaic Talks (#BCMTalks) series. As a medical professional Dr Sison is herself a breast cancer survivor. Her experiences, both as a patient and physician, will make for a unique and compelling session.

The BCM Talk, a one-hour live Google Hangout session with Dr Sison, will seek to increase awareness around breast cancer using social media as a tool to spread the message and provide support.

Dr. Sison describes herself as a: ‘Hardcore advocate of social media in healthcare, digital health and anything healthcare leadership driven.’ She has long been interacting with global healthcare leaders online via twitter, and her blog ‘Sand and Stone’ ( has proved popular with patients and physicians alike.

Dr Sison is an occupational health expert, earning her Doctor of Medicine degree from UST Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, a master’s degree in occupational health from University of the Philippines and University of Illinois at Chicago. She is currently a consultant to World Health Organization Western Pacific Region and Makati Medical Center.

Save the date and join other attendees on Thursday May 29, 3:30pm BST, 10.30am EDT, and 7.30am PST to hear Dr. Sison’s thoughts during the session. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions to Dr. Sison via twitter (#BCMTalks) as she contributes her thoughts and observations. Follow this link to join in with the event or watch it below:


The BCMTalks are just one example of the many resources GE Healthcare make available to finding out more about the detection, management, and treatment of many forms of cancer that blight the lives of sufferers and their families. The hope is as an active participant in this worthwhile cause, you will be inspired by these stories, and consider sharing your own.

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