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Beauty in the Life of Cells

This year’s GE Healthcare IN Cell Image competition winners were announced at the High Content Analysis (HCA) Conference in San Francisco, USA, last week. Each of the three regional winners, from Asia, Europe and North America, has won a trip to New York City in March 2010 to see their images shown on NBC’s high-definition TV screen in Times Square.

This year’s competition saw over 70 beautiful images generated by scientists from around the world using the IN Cell Analyzer system. An expert scientific panel short-listed 30 entries, which were then opened to public vote and to conference delegates.

High Content Analysis (HCA) has become essential in many areas of life science research and drug discovery. HCA employs cellular assays in a high-throughput imaging and analysis format, which facilitates more complex experiments in true biological context and helps scientists get better data and learn more about cellular systems more quickly.