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Breast Density Explained with Emoji

Just because October’s over, doesn’t mean the fight against breast cancer is. Raise a hand and share to help spread the word about breast density.

Here on The Pulse, we have taken a close look at where we stand in the battle against breast cancer today. We began with Joyce’s story, about her battle with breast cancer and the technology used in the fight. We then spent a day in the life of Dr Tozaki in Japan, looking at how awareness around breast cancer and dense breasts is empowering women to get get the treatment they need sooner.

Taking a look beyond the pink ribbon, we shared stories of breast cancer awareness campaigns around the world, from mobile mammography vans to marathons to pink buildings.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month may be over, but the conversation doesn’t end here. We are better equipped than ever in our fight against the disease, and by sharing what you learn with those around you, you can help put a stop to breast cancer.

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