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GE Healthcare’s Building Block Sculpture Gives Anesthesiology an Imaginative Boost

GE Healthcare boasts over 100 years of business in anesthesia delivery. For over a century the company has been at the forefront of anesthesia device innovation. Now they continue their trajectory with the innovative Aisys® Carestation®, a digital and modular anesthesia delivery system that provides patient monitoring, advanced ventilation and workflow enhancements that help the clinician manage routine but critical perioperative tasks without tiring.

The anesthetist’s job is both art and science — a fluid blend of expertise and hard data, all aimed at tailoring the optimal anesthesia therapy for each patient. So let’s focus on the art for a moment: at the recent Anesthesiology 2011 meeting in Chicago, GE Healthcare displayed a precise real scale replica of the GE Healthcare Aisys Carestation built entirely from LEGO ® bricks.

The work of art struck the fancy of many people visiting the event; whether through childhood nostalgia or curiosity. “It was fun to learn that so many people had heard about the sculpture through word of mouth and sought out the GE Healthcare booth to see what the buzz was about,” said Sean Marren, Strategic Marketing Communications Manager for GE Healthcare and the project leader.

GE hired artist Eric Harshbarger to help build the Aisys sculpture and it took several months to construct the sculpture. The visitors at the event were asked to guess how many blocks were used to create the work of art, which is strikingly similar to the healthcare equipment that it’s based on. The final sculpture was made of 31,238 LEGO ® bricks, most of them white. The closest guess was 31,000 from an anesthesiologist at the University of Texas Health Science Center.

The construction includes details of the monitor, wheels and even the modular components of the product. The most astonishing thing is, when the sculpture is put next to the real equipment, it’s quite hard to tell them apart. Marren has an explanation for that: “We consider our Aisys to be a work of art as well!” he said.

The GE Healthcare team will be putting the imaginative sculpture on display as soon as possible at the anesthesia headquarters in Wisconsin, which is where the Aisys Carestation is manufactured.

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The building block sculpture (left) is an exact replica of the GE Healthcare Aisys Carestation (right), made entirely of LEGO ® bricks. Download pictures