The Pink Path Experience, a Journey from Art to Awareness

Breast cancer remains the leading cause of cancer deaths. Worldwide more than 1 million women are diagnosed with breast cancer*In France, 12,000 women are still dying every year.  This week in [...]

Join BCM Talks on September, 24 2012

This Tuesday, September 24, GE Healthcare is launching BCM Talks, a groundbreaking initiative to actively engage those who desire to share their breast cancer experience with their peers in the healthcare [...]

Meet Fumiyo Endo, #GetFit Japan Ambassador

Fumiyo Endo, a mother of 2 boys, was diagnosed with breast cancer 4 years ago. Now, with her cancer in remission, Fumiyo has taken up hot yoga in order to stay [...]

Week 4 Roundup of #GetFit, Sport Without Limits!

There are now 85 teams playing the #GetFit challenge around the world, who participate through social media platforms. This week the #GetFit campaign has had 836 Facebook posts shared through the [...]

Cancer in the Crosshairs: GE Healthcare Technology at New Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA), a national network of hospitals focusing on complex and advanced-stage cancer, has opened its new Southeastern Regional Medical Center in the Atlanta, Georgia area. [...]

Meet Choon-Sook Park, #GetFit Korea Ambassador

Choon-Sook Park is an inspiring mother, hiker and breast cancer survivor. She and fellow cancer fighters helped and inspired each other during their own cancer treatments, and she does the same [...]

Meet Maria Clara Londoño, #GetFit Mexico Ambassador

For Maria Clara Londoño, being diagnosed at 32 with breast cancer represented a before and after in her life. Maria Clara, a mother of three boys who were 2, 4 and 6 [...]

Meet Sean Swarner, #GetFit Nepal Ambassador

Sean Swarner is a sportsman, a two-time cancer survivor and the founder of an inspirational non-profit association, CancerClimber, aimed at raising funds for a mobile camp for kids with cancer. At [...]

Breast Cancer Experience Through the Eyes of Six GE Employees

Meet Debra, Nancy, Paige, Mary, Sarah and Denise. These GE employees seem like ordinary people: mothers, sisters and daughters. In fact they are warriors, breast cancer survivors who beat the disease [...]

Week 3 Roundup of #GetFit, Striking a Chord around the World

This week, users from the Middle East, Asia and Europe are gearing up for their upcoming stops on the #GetFit Campaign, making strong progress in the challenge leaderboards. People from 25 [...]

Meet Samia Al-Amoudi, #GetFit Saudi Arabia Ambassador

Dr. Samia Al-Amoudi is a healthcare professional from Saudi Arabia. As a breast cancer survivor, she has encouraged women from all over the world to be informed about the disease and [...]

Singing at Top Speed: One Man’s Secret to Encouraging a Healthier Lifestyle

Meet João Rodrigues, a Studio Manager at a gym in Spain, whose job is all about motivating people that come to better themselves and their bodies achieving a healthier lifestyle through [...]
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