Meet Ruti Lapidot, #GetFit Israel Ambassador

Ruti Lapidot is a strong and determined woman who refers to herself as a cancer winner and has surprised even herself with her own resilience. After six months of intense chemotherapy [...]

Week 2 Roundup of #GetFit: A Global Hot Topic

The second week of the #GetFit campaign couldn’t have been better. The campaign traveled through South America and Africa, increasing awareness on social media platforms and reaching new people to inspire [...]

Meet Welela Dawit, #GetFit Kenya Ambassador

When Welela Dawit, Financial Planning and Analysis Leader at GE Africa, started her new role with GE in Nairobi, she realized it meant more than a new job in a new [...]

Exercise and Working: Making Time for a Healthier Life

Working long hours, sitting and looking at a screen every day is tiring. It’s also very unhealthy. Although it might seem impossible to find time to work out, finding ways to [...]

Week 1 Roundup of #GetFit: Off to an Inspiring Start!

During its first week, GE Healthcare’s #GetFit campaign has already made an impact around the world. This year, GE Healthcare is promoting exercise and healthy eating with the help of professionals, [...]

Myths-Busting Cancer: Facts and Fiction

An increasing number of people turn to the internet for answers when diagnosed with cancer. The information on the web is vast and not always the most reliable data. Antiperspirant, microwaves, [...]

Meet Eileen Grubba, #GetFit USA Ambassador

Eileen Grubba, an American actress best known for her roles in many hit TV series, including Sons of Anarchy, Cold Case and The Closer, is not just a talented woman. She [...]

#GetFit and Get Healthy

Inspired by the London Olympics 2012, #GetFit is a global health challenge where users share their healthy, daily habits.

Meet Jillian Flower, #GetFit Canada Ambassador

Jillian Flower has always participated in competitive sports like skiing, running, swimming, cycling and kayaking.  She loves exercise, and attributes her sunny disposition and positivity directly to sport. Jillian is a [...]

#GetFit and Fight Cancer Today with GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare is running an online initiative for the second year to encourage people to #GetFit and join the fight against cancer. The #GetFit challenge aims to inspire people all around [...]

Pintherapy, A New Way of Sharing Hope with Cancer Patients

Pinterest has bet on images being worth a thousand words. In many cases, for the millions of users that share thoughts through the network, one powerful image can help to share [...]

Beating the Odds: Athletes that Won Against Cancer

The Olympic Games are an example of how far human beings can push boundaries and show strength, ambition and resistance. Many of them have had to contend with more than just [...]
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