Breast Cancer Patients Have Their Say in a New Data Visualization

A new GE Healthcare data visualization on patient experience and breast cancer reveals why women avoid regular mammograms, what variables affect patient pain levels during a scan and what hospitals can [...]

Don’t Let Cancer Stop You: Celebrate Cancer Survivor Day!

Cancer affects millions of people around the world, not just patients but the family and friends that surround them. Cancer Survivor Day on June 3rd is dedicated to those people that [...]

How to Prevent Skin Cancer by Loving the Skin You’re In

  Skin cancer is one of the major diseases that affect millions of people worldwide. More people are being diagnosed yearly because of unnecessary exposure to harmful UV rays; making this [...]

HealthTech Review May, 14 2012

Keep up to speed with the latest health care technology news here. 

Speeding Up Breast Cancer Diagnosis

GE pioneered digital mammography more than 10 years ago, provides one of the most complete breast care portfolios available today.

e-Petition Voices Support for Early Diagnosis

As published in Health Service Journal today, a new e-petition has been launched by GE Healthcare, Endometriosis UK and a number of other disease campaigning groups in the UK to gain [...]

Battling Breast Cancer with Five Breakthrough Projects

GE Healthcare announced the seed award winners of the healthymagination Cancer Challenge last week; five promising breakthroughs that could expedite breast cancer detection, diagnosis and improve the identification of effective therapies, [...]

Take the Leap to a Healthier You Today

Leap day is a great opportunity to do all the things you normally don’t have time for. GE Healthcare shares some of the best ways you can use this day to [...]

World Cancer Day: an Ongoing Commitment to Prevention, Early Detection and Treatment

Cancer is expected to kill 13 million people by 2030. World Cancer Day is an international event aimed at raising awareness of cancer prevention and detection, underlining the need for a collective [...]

The Human Impact of Our Work: GE Staff Meet Cancer Survivors

A new advertisement from GE documents a meeting between cancer survivors and GE Healthcare employees who manufacture medical imaging equipment. The poignant encounter was entirely unscripted, and the video encapsulates genuine [...]

Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2011 Wrapped Up in Pink Ribbons

All over the world, GE Healthcare employees have been holding events to mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2011. How many ‘human pink ribbons’ were created, and which famous entrepreneur made a [...]

Comprehensive Adoption of Early Diagnosis Will Improve Utilization of Hospital Equipment

  Bettina Fitt, GE Healthcare General Manager UK comments on the Public Accounts Committee report on under-utilization of NHS high-tech equipment.
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