A New Era in Breast Cancer Screening

Despite the many advantages that have been gained in the past years with mammography, it is estimated that 20 percent or more breast cancers are still being missed on digital mammograms. [...]

GE Unveils 3D Mammography with a 2D Dose

Like a jet flying farther without burning more fuel, or a computer chip crunching data faster in the same small space, mammography is making a similar technological leap when it comes [...]

End Your Summer on a Healthy Note

This week marks the end of this summer’s #HealthAhead conversation. Every Monday, #HealthAhead has been spreading the word for good health, wellbeing, and healthy habits that might help reduce the risk [...]

Let’s Talk Mammo Session Discusses Benefits of the Early Detection of Breast Cancer

A recent Google hangout – “Let’s Talk Mammo“ – gathered a panel of experts to address confusion around conflicting mammography studies and increase awareness around breast cancer, inform patients about mammography [...]

Kicking the Habit

This week, #HealthAhead is concerned with dropping a habit rather than picking one up… smoking. Smoking is highly addictive. Smokers become physically dependent on the nicotine found in cigarettes, making it [...]

See the Signs, Save Your Skin

This week, #HealthAhead has tips to help you enjoy the summer sun while keeping your skin healthy. It’s been a hot July in many areas, and temperatures are growing hotter with [...]

Learn Your Body’s Language

When it comes to your health, no-one knows your body better than you. Be it a lump, an abnormal mole or even a feeling of general malaise, some changes in your [...]

Use Your Lunch Break to Fight Cancer

  Using a lunch break wisely may cut your chances of developing cancer later in life. Recent figures from the World Health Organization (WHO) show that around 14 million people are diagnosed with [...]

Are You Reaping the Benefits of Physical Exercise and Living a Healthier Life?

Evidence overwhelmingly demonstrates that compared to less active adult men and women, individuals who are more active have lower rates coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and type 2 diabetes. [...]

Healthy Diets are One Sure Way to Help Reduce Cancer Risk

A healthy diet falls under the spotlight this week as part of a new summer initiative that promotes healthy habits to make people aware of the link between bad habits and [...]

Happy Monday! Reasons to Start a New Healthy Habit This Week

Bad habits such as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption or physical inactivity* have often been blamed for a rise in cancer cases. Lifestyle choices made around unhealthy eating, drinking and being physically [...]

Off-the-Shelf Biopharma Facility that Saves Manufacturers Time and Money

Worldwide demand for antibodies for the treatment of cancer and rheumatoid arthritis, as well as a new generation of vaccines – is increasing, driven by the global ageing population, and the [...]
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