Detecting Breast Cancer – It’s More than a Mammogram

GE Healthcare's commitment to the breast cancer fight continues to gather recognition as a select group of women congregated to take part in the Working Mother/GE Healthcare Special Congress on "Breast [...]

Patient Experience Seen as Crucial in Breast Cancer Diagnosis Process

While there has been a major push to encourage women to attend breast screenings the experience for these women suggests there is much more that can be done to make these [...]

#ChatBC For The Early Detection Of Breast Cancer

To mark the end of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, join Urban Times and GE Healthcare on 31st October for #ChatBC TweetChat to discuss the importance of breast cancer awareness month and [...]

What Women – and their Physicians – Need to Know about Breast Density

Message to women and physicians: Even if you don’t practice in a state that requires physicians to inform women of their breast density, it is becoming an important women’s health topic. [...]

Importance of Continued Awareness and Education for Breast Cancer Care

Breast Cancer Awareness month aims to highlight the importance of attending breast screenings in detecting breast cancer as early as possible and increasing the chances of successfully managing and treating the [...]

Take Part in a Webinar: Is the Annual Mammogram Enough? Innovations in Breast Care

Throughout October, GE Healthcare’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month initiative promotes awareness that earlier diagnosis and detection of breast cancer increases survival rates. Many women are encouraged to get annual mammogram screenings [...]

Design of the Times: Factoring in Patient Emotions for Future Innovations

GE Healthcare is taking a step further in enhancing the patient experience. Using human emotion as a foundation for their design thinking process, GE Healthcare recently partnered with the Milwaukee Institute [...]

Developing World Faces Breast Cancer Surge, Study Suggests

A new global study commissioned by GE Healthcare has revealed the extent to which breast cancer is affecting the developing world as incidence rates have steadily increased in developed countries over [...]

Breast Cancer Survivor Lockey Maisonneuve Tells Personal Journey as Part of Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast cancer survivor Lockey Maisonneuve urged grace and dignity during the breast cancer journey as she asked listeners to be kind and compassionate during her BCM Talk that took place yesterday [...]

BCM Talks Set the Scene for October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast cancer survivor Lockey Maisonneuve takes center stage in light of Breast Cancer Awareness Month to share via live streamed video her experiences during the Breast Cancer Mosaic Talks (

Research Team’s Groundbreaking HIV Therapy to Treat Leukemia is Focus of GE Film Initiative

A groundbreaking technique that uses a disabled form of the virus that causes AIDS has successfully treated a 6-year old with leukemia. The research technique essentially reprograms the patient’s immune system [...]

#GetFit Initiative Guides Participants to a Brighter, Healthier Future

This year’s #GetFit initiative has drawn to a close this month with a positive response from a group of individuals dotted around the world that have not only adopted new behaviors, [...]
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