A Year Review: Cancer Awareness in 2012

This year, GE Healthcare’s commitment to spreading awareness on breast cancer has shown amazing reach around the world. Campaigns like #GetFit, the GE Healthcare Pink Ribbons or social initiatives like Cancer [...]

The #GetFit Stars: Making Healthy Choices Trend Around the World

#GetFit’s success was thanks to its ambassadors: cancer survivors, heroes and carers that shared their stories with everyone around the world. Their voices were made stronger by online campaigners, social media-savvy [...]

From the Show Floor: Reinventing the Mammography Experience

Prahlad Singh, General Manager Women’s Healthcare, GE Healthcare, Detection & Guidance Solutions, joins us from RSNA 2012 to talk about GE Healthcare's SensorySuite for mammography. The SensorySuite helps  to improve the [...]

GE Healthcare Expands Presence in Breast Cancer Detection

GE Healthcare announced today the acquisition of U-Systems, Inc., a manufacturer of ultrasound products specifically designed for breast applications. With operations in Sunnyvale, CA and Phoenix, AZ, U-Systems, Inc. has developed [...]

GE Healthcare, Cooper University Health Care Pair Up to Enable Faster Breast Imaging Answers

When it comes to breast cancer screening and diagnosis, the faster and more accurate, the better. Cooper University Health Care, a premier academic medical center in southern New Jersey, has taken a [...]

The Pink Footprint: GE’s Pink Ribbons Campaign Leaves Its Mark Worldwide

The Pink Ribbons Campaign came to a close after four inspiring weeks. Thousands of people spread awareness on breast cancer creating human ribbons, organizing events and participating in marathons and wellness [...]

The Future is Pink: Breast Cancer Awareness Around the World

This week the Pink Ribbons Campaign has travelled to India, Israel and the UK, as well as Brazil and Saudi Arabia. GE employees from around the world have worked hard to [...]

Turning Good Intentions Into Action: How to Tackle the World’s Number One Killer

GE Healthcare’s Medical Director explains that policymakers must now translate good intentions into practical initiatives to tackle NCDs, the world’s NUMBER ONE killer.

How Can Social Networking Best Improve Health?

Driving behaviour change with online social networks is challenging, complicated and success depends on numerous factors, with many questions remaining for researchers. This was the broad conclusion from a panel of [...]

Painting the World Pink with the Pink Ribbons Campaign

The Pink Ribbons campaign has continued to make an impact during its second week, visiting  Finland, Greece, Germany, the Netherlands and Hungary. Through this campaign, thousands of GE employees around the [...]

GE Healthcare Initiative Powered by Spotify Gives a Little Beat for Breast Cancer

For as long as music has existed, it has been a powerful tool used to uplift spirits and express emotions. Music is a universal language: it cuts through geographical, cultural and [...]

GE Healthcare Life Sciences Scoops Five Industry Awards

GE Healthcare Life Sciences has won five of a possible 12 categories at the 2012 BioProcess International Awards, announced on Wednesday 10 October. The awards, voted for by industry experts [...]
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