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The Long Wait Is Nearly Over. Caradigm Will Cut Time Spent in Hospital with Key Health Technology


GE and Microsoft presented some of the planned future Caradigm software capabilities for the first time at the Health Information Management and Systems Society (HIMSS) congress this Tuesday. This software, which will help providers address the billions of dollars in unnecessary healthcare costs, will reduce the time that patients spend at hospital using cutting edge technology from Caradigm’s parent companies, GE and Microsoft.

When launched later this year, the new company plans to bring all patient information together to improve care, optimize reimbursements and reduce costs.

One of the key issues affecting the healthcare system is that patient information is distributed and contained in multiple information systems. There can be over 500 different information systems in a single hospital. The process is lengthy; and it can take weeks until a patient is admitted for a procedure. The current healthcare system is set up for episodic care, and needs to increase efficiency in order to meet current and future patient demands. 

Other problems that the healthcare system faces are the realities of patient readmissions and healthcare associated infections (HAIs). HAIs in the US cost more than $35 billion a year, affect 1.7 million patients a year, and result in nearly 100,000 deaths. One in every five elderly patients is readmitted within 30 days of leaving the hospital.

Caradigm will work to reduce the risk of HAIs and save patients up to 17 unnecessary days at the hospital.The planned software will increase adherence to protocols and thus reduce the time that a patient spends in the hospital. It will also allow hospitals to monitor discharged patients in order to reduce readmissions.

Caradigm will be based on Microsoft’s open platform technology. This will facilitate healthcare management and bring patient data from different IT systems onto one comprehensive system. GE Healthcare applications will assist health professionals in exchanging clinical data and care information. This will enable them to offer the patient tailor-made healthcare that takes into account the care they are receiving from other sources.

Caradigm’s parent companies believe that its platforms will transform care and create a patient-centered health system.

Michael Simpson, CEO-designate of Caradigm, talked about why he thinksthe system will appeal to hospitals worldwide. “The problems of cost, access and quality are universal.  Caradigm’s goal will be to give value by delivering a healthcare performance management package that will deliver on the promise of healthcare information technology and improve patient, system and population outcomes everywhere.”

GE clients will have access to applications that will help them use the new services provided by Caradigm.

“We have an exciting opportunity to transform healthcare globally with an established open platform and a new generation of applications focused on population health,” said Mr. Simpson. “We’re founding Caradigm to meet the changing needs of health and healthcare across the globe.”

The new company will launch in the first half of 2012 and will be headquartered near the Microsoft campus in Redmond, Washington, with significant presence in Salt Lake City, Utah and additional cities around the world. 


GE Healthymagination Infographic on HAIs and their cost for the Healthcare System.