How 200-year old Scottish Technology is Making the Future of Medicine Cooler

Asymptote’s digitally-enabled cryogenic cold chain technology supports safe manufacture and delivery of cellular therapies Cellular therapies are rapidly changing healthcare with life-saving treatments for many of the world’s most challenging diseases, [...]

Code City: Chicago Is Becoming a City of Coders

More investment may cement this city’s status as the Silicon Valley of the Midwest “I remember the first time I wrote a simulation program in c++ in college… I was hooked,” [...]

Little Meals, Huge Impact: Preemie Nutrition Is More Advanced Than Ever

This device promotes early development of eating skills in newborns and infants born prematurelyIn December 2016, Kasa and David Schroer were expecting their first child. Kasa was 28 weeks pregnant at [...]

Heads up: The NFL and GE partner to advance understanding and treatment of concussions

A collaborative project to make concussion diagnosis faster and more reliable, improving treatment for TBI. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported that 2.5 million traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) occurred [...]

Why Chicagoans of the future may know code

Hundreds of digital jobs move to Chicago, giving more reason to believe the city is the Silicon Valley of the Midwest.Madhuri Sebastian began her career at GE in the Information Management [...]

Doctors Will Have Algorithms As An Extra Set Of Eyes To See Inside The Human Body

The Top 10 Reasons Transformation is the New Normal for Healthcare – Reason 6 Inside the radiology reading room in the world-renowned Boston Children’s Hospital, pediatric neuroradiologists read 30,000-50,000 images of [...]

A Night Out of the Museum: Mummies In The CT Scanner

A radiologist examines these less-than-living patients for the Spanish National Museum of Archaeology. One dark night in Madrid, four mummies creeped through the doors of Quirónsalud University Hospital. But despite the [...]

Inside Africa’s Floating Hospital

and the operating rooms where this surgeon is helping patients in need Dr. Leo Cheng, a maxillofacial reconstructive surgeon with the UK National Health Service, spends two to three weeks of [...]
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