Ultrasound in the Jungle: How a Group of Volunteers Delivers Healthcare in the Amazon

Much of the medicine we use today comes from the Amazon, the world’s largest and most diverse rainforest. Drugs to fight cancer, HIV, malaria and other diseases have been discovered here, [...]

Getting Puskesmas Online: The Next Frontier for Indonesian Healthcare

Indonesia is one of the most unique and fascinating countries in the world. It is an area of stunning natural beauty, made up of around 17,500 volcanic islands and home to [...]

Knocking Down The Great Wall of Knowledge

China is seeing a shortage of doctors and nurses, most significantly in rural areas where they are often needed most. But now, a new training base in Sichuan Province will knock [...]

Is Education the Best Medicine?

In the words of Nelson Mandela, “education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.” Healthcare systems everywhere are being pressed to do more with less. More [...]

This Flagship ‘Hospital of the Future’ Redefines the Patient Experience

Hospital is not always the most pleasant place to be. For most (if not all) patients, going for an MRI or CT scan is a daunting prospect, as sitting in a [...]

To Make the Invisible Visible, Big Data is the Name of the Game

It is now widely accepted that we are entering the age of the Industrial Internet. The machines are talking, and they are using gigantic amounts of data to become more efficient [...]

A Step in the Right Direction

Pfizer and GE’s In Vitro Diagnostics Team Up to Work on Cancer-Fighting Immuno-Therapies Imagine a world where cancer treatment does not involve chemotherapy or radiation. This seemingly distant dream may be [...]

48 Hours, 450 Innovators, 8 Countries, and How the Next Health Start-Up May Have Just Been Founded

Jason Sanders, an Emergency Medicine Resident and PhD, and the team of health professionals he was working with knew about the barriers. The developing world, they’d been told, was still struggling [...]
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