Why Chicagoans of the future may know code

Hundreds of digital jobs move to Chicago, giving more reason to believe the city is the Silicon Valley of the Midwest.Madhuri Sebastian began her career at GE in the Information Management [...]

Doctors Will Have Algorithms As An Extra Set Of Eyes To See Inside The Human Body

The Top 10 Reasons Transformation is the New Normal for Healthcare – Reason 6 Inside the radiology reading room in the world-renowned Boston Children’s Hospital, pediatric neuroradiologists read 30,000-50,000 images of [...]

Inside Africa’s Floating Hospital

and the operating rooms where this surgeon is helping patients in need Dr. Leo Cheng, a maxillofacial reconstructive surgeon with the UK National Health Service, spends two to three weeks of [...]

What it’s really like to help keep a U.S. health system’s vitals in check

The leadership of Mission Health shares all It’s no secret that U.S. health system leaders are under enormous pressure – reducing costs while improving the patient experience is no simple task. [...]

Out of the Darkroom, Into the Light: Going Digital in Nairobi

By Hannah McNeish NAIROBI, KENYA: Having clothes ruined by ink and inhaling chemicals for hours in the hospital darkroom used to bother Margaret Njuwe and other radiographers at East Africa’s largest [...]

Heading Deep Into Eastern Africa with a Pocket-sized Ultrasound

From its dynamic urban environment to its proximity to Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest lake, Uganda’s capital of Kampala has much to offer. Some might say its people are the most enjoyable [...]

Weekend Pulse: Winter is coming but our athletes will be ready and the NBA takes on the Achilles heel of athlete injuries

This week in health, science and tech: Winter is coming… but our athletes will be ready, why the common muscle injury in athletes today is the Achilles heel, and something that’s [...]

Where the future of engineering, manufacturing and the Industrial Internet meet

The disruptive tech being developed at GE Healthcare’s Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center is changing the way Brilliant Machines are made. Imagine this: A factory operator lays out component parts on his [...]
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