Why the common muscle injury in athletes has become the Achilles heel for sports medicine doctors

GE and the NBA collaborate to provide doctors with clinical research to help treat common sports injuries With the 2016 Olympics underway and team tryouts about to kick off for back-to-schoolers, [...]

A Look Inside the Olympians Breaking Records this Year

The photos, videos and broadcasts now emerging from Rio show us the full range of human emotion. Pure joy, crushing despair, and unprecedented achievements are being captured and beamed to us [...]

How to bring early-stage research out of the lab and into the world

At universities all over the world, early-stage research often just sits in the lab—and that’s a missed opportunity. In the Life Sciences field, promising technologies are sometimes abandoned long before they [...]

The trend-spotting that reduced surgeries for the U.S. women’s wrestling team by 60 percent year over year

The concept of the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is older than you might think. The technology dates back to the 1960s, with the earliest systems focusing on the most basic form [...]

In Rio, Greatness Begins with Health

How months of behind-the-scenes preparation went into making Rio de Janeiro ready for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games – and the future. This Friday, the world turns its attention to Rio [...]

The Female Saudi Students Engineering Their Future

This article originally appeared on the GE Hewar blog. As the sun rises this morning in Dallas, Texas, 18 Saudi female biomedical engineering students will be getting ready for the first [...]

The First Mile of Care

Elizabeth Bailey, Director, Consortium for Affordable Medical Technologies (CAMTech) and Vikram Damodaran, Chief Product Officer, GE Sustainable Healthcare Solutions, make the case for global primary care. More than 5 billion people [...]

Forget What You Know About Millennials: Meet Gen H

The first in a new series that explores how millennials are defying stereotypes and working to create better health and a better world for all. Millennials – misunderstood, maligned, and blamed [...]
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