The world’s largest population study just launched. Can it help treat dementia?

Worldwide, nearly 44 million people have Alzheimer’s or a related dementia. In the UK, it is estimated that there are currently over 800,000 people living with dementia – by 2040, that number is expected [...]

Meet The Re-Inventors of Drug Manufacturing: Their “Factory In a Box” is Combating Deadly Diseases

In 2011, in a small, hot, windowless room in Rio de Janeiro, a small team of scientists and engineers invented a new way to make medicines. Working in the biopharmaceuticals industry, [...]

A Second Modular Biopharma Facility Opens: KUBio in Hangzhou

GE Healthcare and Pfizer break ground on Biopharmaceutical Technology Center In the last few years, the Chinese Government has enacted major healthcare reforms recognizing biopharmaceuticals as a key industrial focus area [...]

The Uppsala Connection: New Innovation Hub Sparks Future Tech

The best and brightest in biopharmaceutical research now have a place to bounce ideas and seek support from the most resourceful companies in the industry, thanks to a new innovation hub [...]

The Anatomy of Data: How the Industrial Internet Could Stop an Outbreak

Magnus Fontes has always had a passion for data. His work during the last decades involves shaping, modelling and deciphering, transforming an indiscernible noise of numbers into clear, understandable information that [...]

Handy work: How a Midwife from Zimbabwe is Improving Global Healthcare

When Clara Methie isn’t at the bedside delivering babies, she’s lobbying administrators to provide basic resources. Where she works in Zimbabwe, sterile gloves which are abundant in hospitals in developed nations [...]

Anesthesia, Made to Measure

The Data Helping Tailor Your Anaesthesia Going under anesthetic is a common, necessary but sometimes daunting experience for many patients. Despite advancements in anesthesia delivery, patients can still suffer from side [...]

A population 15x that of the U.S. doesn’t have access to safe surgery

Changing that achieves an end well beyond the surgery By Tigistu Ashengo, Assistant Medical Director, Jhpiego Of all the possible priorities for global health that attendees at this week’s 69th World [...]
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