Complete Cancer Care Now Under One Roof in Madurai, India

Cancer kills 8.2 million people around the world each year. A staggering half a million of these deaths happen in India alone.1 The second most populated country in the world, India [...]

The Internet of Cells: New Company to Scale and Digitize Cell and Gene Therapy Production

GE Ventures Teams with Mayo Clinic Ventures to Launch Vitruvian Networks, Inc. In the near future, two people with the exact same disease could receive very different treatments, yet see the [...]

J Medical Goes for Gold with New Clinic

A new, cutting-edge clinic just opened its doors to the public in Turin, Italy.  J Medical, the brainchild of Juventus and Santa Clara Group, has renovated the Eastern Section of the [...]

Pocket-Sized Scanner Used to Spot Breech Babies

Mothers in Norfolk, UK, who are about to give birth will be the first in the country to be offered an ultrasound scan in order to help spot breech babies before [...]

Scanning the Most Extraordinary Patients

Thomas Voracek sometimes uses CT scanning to examine his patients. Nothing extraordinary there: millions of CT scans are performed every year to look for broken bones, internal bleeding or tumors. But [...]

Up in the Cloud: The Future of Digital Healthcare In Europe

In today’s healthcare landscape, traditional healthcare models are showing their age. At this year’s ECR in Vienna, GE Healthcare showcased the software that could soon make diagnosis and collaboration between healthcare [...]

A New Horizon for Breast Health

Breast Cancer is the most common cancer among women worldwide and in Europe alone, around 131,000 women die from breast cancer every year. But thanks to the efforts of scientists and [...]

EMR Proving to be a Game-Changer for US Olympic Committee

No longer will the International Olympic Committee (IOC) have to ship pallets of paper around the globe to keep track of medical data from athletes competing at an Olympic Games. For [...]
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