What Does the Future Hold for Healthcare in Europe?

As the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) 2016 begins in Vienna, Austria, here are some of the biggest trends, challenges and opportunities shaping the future of European healthcare. As People Live [...]

Cloud Computing Can Transform the Healthcare Sector

When traveling and meeting healthcare professionals and politicians from all over the world it’s striking that, regardless of the different socio-economic structures, they are all struggling to improve their healthcare sector. [...]

Partnerships Cracking the Code for Innovation

Can disruptive innovation cure the healthcare industry? This question was put forward sixteen years ago by business professor Clayton Christensen in an issue of the Harvard Business Review1 – the arguments [...]

Sound and Vision: Med Students use Pocket-sized Ultrasound with their Stethoscopes

In 2016, the humble stethoscope enters its 200th year as the most ubiquitous diagnostic tool in medicine. In recent years, Ultrasound technology has become increasingly adopted at the point of care, [...]

A Check-Up for Iraq: Karbala’s First New Hospital in Fifteen Years Announced at Arab Health

The city of Karbala is second only to Mecca when it comes to its religious significance in the Muslim world. Its population stands at around 900,000, with more than ten million [...]

Hospital Network Brings Cutting Edge Radiology to the UAE

Arab Health 2016 has barely begun but it is clear that Sheikh Saeed Hall has already witnessed the future of healthcare in the Middle East. Today saw the formation of a [...]

Setting a Model for the Digital Hospitals of the Future

A hospital in Dubai is doing things that until recently were only seen in fiction. Using the latest technology, from Google Glass to 3D printing, the Suleiman Habib hospital has been [...]

Arab Health Will Give Dubai a Glimpse of the Future

The Middle East’s population is booming. The UN Population Division expects it to grow by 72% between now and the year 2100. (1) This year’s Arab Health conference takes place at a [...]
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