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Up-to-the-Moment ECG Data on iPads, iPhones

When it comes to reading ECG images, the tiniest changes in a patient’s heartbeat can indicate the presence or absence of a heart condition. Thanks to the GE Healthcare MUSE® Cardiology Information System data being available on iPhones® and iPads™ via AirStrip Cardiology,™ cardiologists can now see these small changes in great detail. 

The app is helping clinicians move away from faxed pictures or blurry cell phone images. The app helps detect 0.5 mm differences providing physicians with information they need to  help speed accurate clinical diagnosis of  heart conditions. Clinicians can now use “touch” to zoom in, or switch between current ECG flows and interactive historical data from up to one year ago.

Leading hospitals including Cedars-Sinai and Texas Health Resources plan to make this new technology available to their clinical teams, helping them quickly determine the best treatment paths for their patients.