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Ecomagination: Reducing the Environmental Impact of Healthcare

Imagine a world where companies consider the environmental impact of every product they produce, in both design and manufacturing. Led by its ecomagination initiative, GE is doing exactly that. Ecomagination is a business initiative to help meet customers’ demand for more energy-efficient products while driving reliable growth for GE.

Today GE releases its 2009 ecomagination annual report, which describes the progress the company has made against its enviromental goals, with stories illustrating how GE ecomagination products and services are being used around the world.

As shown in this video, the healthcare division of GE is no exception. There are myriad examples of GE Healthcare creating equipment and workflows that reduce energy and materials consumption, with significant longterm benefits for healthcare facilities, communities and the planet. For example:

'Green' hospitals. With the right design and environmental consciousness, hospitals can reach their full potential as places best suited to healing. A 'green' hospital is one that will not only strive to reduce energy costs, greenhouse gas emissions and waste, it is a place where patients—responding to improved air, natural elements and streamlined staff responses—can be happier, healthier and recover faster. A conservation-minded hospital is capable of making a real impact when replicated worldwide. A 200-bed hospital that reduces its energy consumption by 17.5% reduces greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to taking 330 cars per year off US roads. Beyond these emissions reductions are a host of other benefits: significant water savings, avoidance of harmful chemicals and reduced paper use.

High-efficiency MR scanners. The Signa HDe was the first healthcare product to join ecomagination’s product portfolio and is now part of GE Healthcare’s family of high-efficiency MR scanners. Compared with previous generation systems, these scanners can, under normal operating conditions, reduce power consumption by a third, saving 60,000 kWh of electricity per year—equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of about 13 urban Chinese households.

Digital X-ray machines. GE Healthcare has developed a family of digital X-ray machines that, compared with traditional film-based X-ray equipment, can reduce the consumption of resources such as energy, water, film and chemicals, increase productivity and lower operating costs. GE’s newest digital X-ray offering is the Brivo DR- F.

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